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Democratic Presidential Candidates Care More About Illegal Aliens Than Our Own People
07/09/2019 Presidential Candidates Benjamin
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If you have ever wondered what it is like to listen to the ramblings of utterly deranged people, you just need to watch Democratic primary debates.

The candidates are so deluded, so desperate to appease their politically correct infected supporters, and so out-of-touch with reality that we really have to wonder if they have ever stepped out of their bubble and talked to real people!

Insane Promises Made by Democratic Candidates

Gun Confiscation

Nearly every single candidate has claimed that they will confiscate ‘assault weapons’ (whatever that means?) from US citizens through a buyback program. It will leave honest, taxpaying citizens defenseless against violent thugs and illegal aliens who have access to weapons through the black market.

Open Borders

Democrat candidates unanimously agree on the following points.

  • The illegal alien camps at the border should be closed.
  • Illegal border crossing should not be an offense.
  • Illegal aliens who currently live in the country should not be deported.
  • Illegal aliens who live in our country should get free healthcare, paid for by taxpayers.

Increasing Taxes

They want to reverse the tax cut reforms brought in by the Trump administration and raise the tax rates further.

Eliminating Private Insurance

They want to eliminate private health insurance completely and replace it with a government mandated Medicare scheme.

State Funded Abortions

They want state funded abortions, wherein women can get an abortion any time they want without having to pay for it. They also want to legalize partial birth abortion, wherein a fully grown baby in the womb can be killed for any reason.

State Funded Abortions for Trans Women

Julian Castro, in a moment of raving insanity, declared that he will allow transgender women (biological men who ‘identify’ as women) to have access to state-funded abortion.

The only problem with this idea is that ‘transgender women’ are actually men and they do not have a uterus. In order to have an abortion, they need to get pregnant first, which is not possible without a uterus. Maybe Castro wants to fund their sex change surgeries, so that they can get pregnant first and then have an abortion – all paid for by the taxpayers of course!

Student Loan Debt Waiver

They want to wipe off student loan debt, which is estimated at $1.5 trillion because the federal government hands out money so readily.

Slavery Reparations

All Democrat candidates have declared that they will pay reparations for black people (who is even black? and are blacks not better off now than if they remained in Africa?), which is likely to cost the taxpayers anywhere from $9 trillion to $17 trillion, effectively bankrupting our country.

Reparations for Homosexuals

Elizabeth Warren went a step ahead and declared that she will force the taxpayers to pay reparations to homosexuals, who have been oppressed by straight people all these years. One look at the freak show called ‘pride parade’ and you can understand how ‘oppressed’ they really are.

Basically, Democrats want to strip taxpaying citizens of their rights – right to free speech, right to bear arms, right to choose their insurance provider, and the right to associate with the people they want. Instead, they want to shower illegal aliens with monetary benefits for sneaking through the border and leeching off of us.

When Donald Trump wins the 2020 election, he should cut taxes even more and continue to make this country stronger than it already is and it’s much stronger than it was under the job killing and Iran rewarding Barrack Hussein Obama.

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