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The 2020 Census Is Utterly Meaningless Without Adding The Citizenship Question
07/09/2019 Citizenship Benjamin
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Last week, in what can undoubtedly be considered a travesty of justice, the Supreme Court decided to block the Trump administration’s efforts to add the citizenship question to the 2020 census. The decision is seen by many as an affront to the sovereignty of the country.

Liberals need that illegal vote since real Americans don’t support them anymore.

The Citizenship Question Conundrum

Right from 1820, the citizenship question – to find out whether a person is a citizen or merely a resident of the United States – was asked in every census conducted in the country.

In 2000, the question was removed from the census form and added to the American Community Survey. The problem, however, is that the American Community Survey is not conducted on a nationwide basis and only a small section of the population takes part in it.

It should be noted that neither the Bush administration nor the Obama administration thought it was important to add the citizenship question to the census form, which is quite shameful. In 2018, the Trump administration made a much-needed course correction and decided to add the question to the census form.

Why Left Liberals Oppose It

The left liberal establishment is vehemently against the idea of adding the citizenship question to the census, because they know that the moment a real census is conducted in the country, their jig would be up.

For decades, Democrats have fooled the people of our country by downplaying the threat of illegal immigration and not revealing the actual number of illegal aliens living in our country.

It is stated that there are approximately 12 million illegal aliens living in the country. If you have ever visited a sanctuary city or if you have ever been to the southern border, you know that the claim is utter hogwash.

A study conducted by the Yale University in 2018 says that the total number of illegal aliens in the country could be as high as 30 million. And the number is increasing by the day, as more and more people continue to pour into our borders because of big government dictators in central America who Bernie Sanders loves.

Citizenship Question – A Matter of Sovereignty

The entire point of conducting a census is to determine the actual number of citizens in the country.

If you count every single person living in the country as a citizen – irrespective of whether they are here legally or illegally – the whole concept of sovereignty goes out the window. After all, if anyone can simply sneak through the border and get counted as a citizen, what is even the value of holding a US passport?

More importantly, it is not for the Supreme Court to decide who gets to stay in the country and who does not. The presence of illegal aliens in the country is a matter of national security and sovereignty, which is the exclusive domain of the executive.

It is high time President Trump tells the Supreme Court to back off and find a way to incorporate the citizenship question into the census form. We should delay the census if needed, but conducting one without adding the citizenship question is absolutely meaningless!

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