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Trump Proved That He is a Mature And Far-Sighted Leader by Calling Off The Strike Against Iran
07/01/2019 Iran Benjamin
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Last Friday, President Trump prevented the US from getting involved in yet another war in the Middle East, which would have cost us tens of billions of dollars and American lives.

A careful analysis of the current geopolitical situation tells us that the President made the right decision.

How It Unfolded

Last week, Iran preemptively shot down an unmanned US surveillance drone in international waters. While tensions between the two countries have been escalating for a while, shooting down the drone was seen as an act of aggression by many.

In retaliation, the US troops were ready to launch an airstrike at three different sites in Iran. At the last minute, when he was told that at least 150 people would die as a result of the strike, President Trump decided to call it off.

Later, Trump explained that he called off the strike because he felt that killing 150 people over an unmanned drone seemed like a disproportionate response.

Why the Decision Makes Sense

There are several reasons why the President’s decision makes perfect sense.

  • A strike against Iran could spell trouble for US troops stationed in the Middle East. In 2017 and 2018, we managed to strike Syria at will, because the country had no defensive capabilities and was not in a position to retaliate in any way. Iran, on the other hand, has a major military presence in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.
    • It could easily target our troops and commercial interests in the region in an effort to escalate things further. If they did escalate, we would be left with no option but to respond with overwhelming force, which would undoubtedly lead to a full-blown war.
  • A short, pinpoint strike, like the one planned by our troops on Friday, is unlikely to act as a deterrent against Iran. The Islamist hardliners in Iran do not care about casualties. More importantly, as President Trump himself mentioned, they only understand the language of force. A small, targeted strike is likely to be seen by them as a sign of weakness, rather than a sign of prudence and discretion.
  • Iran has a powerful military and is capable of withstanding tremendous punishment. While they are no match to the US military, they can inflict a significant amount of damage on our troops. The damages we suffer – in terms of human lives and our commercial interests in the region – are likely to be far higher compared to what we suffered during the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Above all, the US economy is growing at a tremendous pace right now. Jobs are being generated at record rates, unemployment rate is at an all-time low, consumer confidence is increasing by the day, and our manufacturing sector is being revived, as Trump has rightly recognized that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy. The last thing we need right now is a war, which can cost us hundreds of billions of dollars, sacrifice US soldiers, and adversely impact our economic growth.

We have already put tremendous pressure on Iran through our economic sanctions. If we continue to impose the sanctions for a few more years (or just another year), Iran would have no option but to admit its defeat and accept our demands. At the same time, we should be prepared to launch a devastating attack if Iran tries to escalate things further.

On the whole, when it comes to the Middle East, Trump has made the right decisions so far. Let us hope Iran realizes its follies and comes to the negotiation table soon.

But because America is so energy strong now and even getting stronger, soon America will not even have to be in the Persian Gulf. Nonetheless, regardless, Iran can never own a nuclear weapon or be able to develop them.

It’s pathetic that Bill Clinton allowed Pakistan to obtain nuclear weapons.

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