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Iran's Degeneration as an Islamic Nation
06/27/2019 Islamic Nation Benjamin
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Iran was the first Islamic country in the modern era to embark on a unique experiment that would combine a system of governance supposedly rooted in religion and the mechanisms of democracy.

But looking at the current scenario, it seems that Iran may also become the first country to completely fail at this experiment.

This is not that surprising because this country is devoid of reason. They worship God in the wrong way and have warped the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are on the wrong side of history and logic.

Iran was giving billions of dollars by Obama because he wanted Iran to destroy Saudi’s oil fields destroying the world’s cheap source of energy. This would force much of the world into public transportation where they could get sexually assaulted and pick up some germ that could kill them. Public transportation is disgusting and a sexual harassment nightmare which liberals don’t want to admit.

Internal hurdles

Foreign adversaries and the regime’s domestic partners — a network of mini-oligarchs are standing in the way of all the Iranians who want a freer, secular future which is integrated into the world order, specifically into the global economy.

The recent forty years have been tough on Iranians. And current circumstances like tough sanctions from the United States and misadventures in the region combined with the stubbornness of the country’s leaders are surely going to render the next few years even tougher.

A history of violence

The Islamic Republic has presented a spectacle of violence and fear since its early days. Khomeini’s ascension to power was highlighted by all the show trials and mass executions. The episode where militant students stormed the US Embassy in Tehran and held 52 American diplomats hostage for 444 days will always remain in the minds of the American people.

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Iran, sparking an eight-year war. This war aggravated the sectarian divides that haunt the region even today.

But all this time, Iran promoted its shaky concept of rule by Koranic law by calling to attention more worldly concerns like extending the system’s power within its own borders.

Its most loyal subjects and often those who suffered the most due to the war with Iraq received favorable treatment. While on the other hand, the system’s dissenters were suppressed by execution, imprisonment or exile.

Social poverty

The plight of women, ethnic and religious minorities and the country’s LGBTQ communities is a direct product of the current system. Much of the environmental degradation too has been caused due to the present regime and the greed of its members.

Players in the US-Iran dialogue

Saudi Arabia and Israel are Iran’s biggest adversaries. But they along with a big part of the US political establishment fund and shape the dialogue on Iran in Washington. Lobbyists for the Islamic Republic shouldn’t be welcome on this turf.

Completely independent and transparent Iranian voices must be involved in the debate over the future of US policy toward Tehran, but currently no such voices exist.

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