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Joe Biden And His Son Are Corrupt
06/27/2019 Joe Biden Benjamin
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Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden once worked with a Romanian businessman. This businessman was convicted and imprisoned following an investigation involving his real estate dealings.

President Trump and his associates are calling attention to 49-year-old Biden's work in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere but his business dealings have currently become a touchy issue.

Hunter Biden’s suspicious international dealings

According to the New York Times, Hunter Biden augmented his international business efforts during his father’s second term as vice president. During this time, he began associating with certain figures whom the US or its allies considered suspicious.

Hunter Biden reportedly began advising Gabriel Popoviciu, a Romanian businessman. He is said to have opened the nation's first Pizza Hut restaurant, and later came under authorities’ scrutiny over his real estate dealings.

Popoviciu was known as one of the richest and most powerful men in Romania. His investigation came at a time when the US and its allies were trying to crack down on rampant corruption in the country. The Romanian businessman was eventually convicted and sentenced to prison for seven-years.

The son of the leading 2020 presidential candidate in the disastrous and job killing Democratic party also came under scrutiny for being employed by a Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings as a board member even as the US and the Obama administration was contemplating a suitable course of action following Russia's invasion in Eastern Ukraine.

Calling for an investigation and equal justice for all

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal attorney, made a statement on Hannity last week that Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine really merit an investigation and if they are not investigated, it will reflect badly on the country’s justice system and demonstrate that there is no equal justice in the US.

Giuliani, who has received some criticism for having provided legal advice to Popoviciu, the Romanian businessman, said that Hunter Biden was working for the most corrupt company in Ukraine and for a Ukrainian oligarch who was being protected by Russian President Vladimir Putin who does not care about Ukraine nor America. Putin does not even care about his own people for that matter – kind of like Obama did not care for hard working Americans – only the lazy and irresponsible.

Abuse of power

During a public event, Biden publicly admitted that he had threatened the Ukrainian president to fire a top prosecutor, who was at that time investigating the Burisma Holdings corruption case.

Biden was playing games with American money. This was American tax money that Biden was using as his own. How does that happen? This was not Biden’s personal money that he could use as a threat to get someone else fired in another country who was actually going after his worthless son.

The prosecutor was indeed fired after the threat, but this was at the same time when he was reportedly facing criticism by Ukrainians and international officials for not prosecuting as many corrupt officials as he should have been doing.

We should also know that Hunter Biden was kicked out of the navy for drugs. Hunter is a loser like his father.

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