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Trump’s Going to Win The Re-Election in 2020
06/26/2019 Election Benjamin
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A recent poll from CNN shows that a majority of Americans, including many of his critics, think Donald Trump will win the 2020 re-election.

Although poll numbers do suggest that he has an uphill battle ahead though they cannot be trusted, even the people who don’t support Trump think that he will win anyway.

The poll interviewed 1006 adults by telephone and54 percent of Americans think Trump will win re-election. So currently it means that Trump is doing better than Obama with respect to approval ratings at the same point in their Presidencies and the people that support Trump know how jobs are created and don’t like it when babies are killed so in essence, liberals don’t matter because they are disgusting and don’t want to work for a living.

Reasons for the opinion

There are many who disapprove of him and there are many who think he will get re-elected. But the former do not all think that he will lose. This shows that even low popularity amongst some cannot stop Trump from winning again.

In December 2018, more than 81 percent people who had a negative view on Trump’s handling of the economy believed that he would lose re-election. That number has now come down to 67 per cent. Views are changing.

Historical patterns in re-election

Past records show that most American presidents win re-election. This includes the popular as well as the not so popular ones. And those that lost re-election had major crises or other significant problems to blame.

But the historical pattern suggests that Trump will win re-election.

Extreme positions by Democrats

Democrats may nominate socialist Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren (all representing the left), in the hopes of electing a female president. Bernie Sanders would get blown away by Trump but so will the swamp creatures of Kamala and Elizabeth.

But extreme positions did not help anyone in 1972 and leftist Democratic Sen. George McGovern was crushed by Richard Nixon.

Whether Trump’s popularity and approval ratings are high or low, most Americans think that he is the only one who stands between them and socialism, radical cultural transformation, and social chaos.

Usually, one-term presidencies are a result of unpopular wars (Lyndon Johnson) or tough economic times (Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush). We are not in an unpopular war and America’s economy is doing well because of those tax cuts and real Americans want more tax cuts.

Democrats need new issues

The Democratic Party still continues to probe into the Mueller report in the hopes of finding something substantial in it. But the probe is over and no collusion or obstruction has been found.

Democrats need to find a new agenda for campaigning.

A successful presidency

Currently, the economy is doing well as just stated, values of savings are going up, and there is less unemployment across every demographic.

Trump is a powerhouse of logical thinking and it is going to be tough to beat him – almost to the point of being impossible.

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