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Reasons Why Oregon is a State Not Worth Living
06/18/2019 Oregon Benjamin
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In recent years, Oregon has often been described as a failed state or as a state that is not worth living. The only thing that is growing in this state is the homeless population. There are multiple reasons for this.

Unaffordable Housing

Housing rates are very high and properties are scarce. Right from Portland to Bend and to the coast, sky-rocketing prices are working as a deterrent for home buyers in Oregon. This is, in fact, if one is able to find a house worth buying in the first place.

Portland, OR was part of Redfin’s list of the most competitive neighborhoods for people looking to buy a house. But even here the housing market is getting unreasonably high. Matthew Gardner, chief economist at Windermere Real Estate, told The Oregonian a while back, that the demand for homes is surpassing supply, resulting in unaffordable housing and it does not help that this state wants to take money from responsible citizens and give to those who are irresponsible.

Lack of Employment

You are not likely to find decent job opportunities in Portland and other parts of Oregon. Although Portland is considered an industrial city, the jobs mostly available here include flipping burgers, making coffee, pouring drinks, or retail and even these jobs are scarce because of the ridiculous MW laws that force small businesses to pay unskilled people what they are not worth – they are not worth $15 an hour ($6 an hour if that!)!

The tech industry is not well developed here and most locals work in restaurants or bars as already stated. Cocaine addiction also runs high – why do drugs – the liberal mayors will take care of you forever and so will the governor.

If you don’t mind working in the food industry or having to be at work nights and weekends, you can definitely work here.

Lack of Road Safety

According to numbers from Allstate, drivers from Oregon are the most collision-prone in the US. In addition, Portland has been ranked the country’s 10th most congested city because there are so many people cannot afford to buy or build a home because this city is not creating wealth, it’s pushing it away.

Some misguided people say that the public transportation here is good (if you want catch the flu or get sexually assaulted) but it takes so much time to get from one place to another that for many, the transportation services have no merit.

Education System is a Mess

A recent study placed Oregon at number 38 in public education in the country. The graduation rate is also one of the lowest, putting Oregon in the bottom four states of the country. According to US News & World Report, the University of Oregon ranks at 103 among all national universities, and Oregon State University is ranked 135th. Not impressive!

Political correctness has destroyed the educational system. So many Oregon high school students graduate from high school and cannot even read. This system teaches these kids that America is a bad country despite it being a beacon of hope for the entire world. No country has saved the world twice, not even once, but America has done just that and some could argue that America saves the world every day.

Earthquake Vulnerability

Researchers believe that Oregon is soon likely to experience a big, disastrous earthquake. It could bring a tsunami with it that will inundate the coastal cities. This could very well be the worst natural disaster North America has ever seen and this broke pathetic state will ask the rest of the country to bail it out because it wasted billions on taking care of pitiful lazy people rather than saving for a rainy day.

With negligent liberal braindead leadership, Oregon is certainly unprepared to deal with something of this magnitude.

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