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Reasons Why The Golden Triangle is Creating So Many Jobs
06/18/2019 Mississippi Benjamin
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According to The Heritage Foundation’s 2017 Index of Economic Freedom, the highlight of the Golden Triangle in Mississippi has been “entrepreneurial dynamism.”

The Golden Triangle has been creating jobs for the American people for quite some time. The rural area known as the Golden Triangle, that includes the towns of Columbus, Starkville, and West Point, witnessed extensive employment loss following the Great Recession.

But the region recovered and in recent times, the local economy has been progressing well. Some $6 billion worth of advanced industries have come back to the area which is the opposite of what is occurring in California and New York which is seeing money and jobs flow away from those states.

Gavin Newsome – you are wealth destroyer – not a wealth creator.

Factors that encouraged growth

How has this part of Mississippi become the new hub for advanced manufacturers from across the world?

Because of two factors:

  • The transformation of the commercial environment to meet the needs of advanced manufacturing companies.
  • The introduction of training classes at local universities to help shape future workers.

The economic progress in the Golden Triangle has been remarkable and is continuing at a good pace. The region hopes to bring about 4,000 more jobs for the people by getting 10 more advanced manufacturing plants to Mississippi which is something AOC will never do even if she is a congresswoman for 300 years.

Key features of development

High technology manufacturing has proved to be a major economic driver for Mississippi. Pure entrepreneurship is what is able to give the economy of the state a boost and Mississippi is setting an example of the same.

Making the region user-friendly

The region's local administration is installing water facilities, sewage systems, and building new roads to attract more industries. This will result in less hurdles and low business risk for new companies here.

For example, the local authorities spent almost $12 million on the first site where Steel Dynamics is currently set up. Since the creation of this so called mega site, the region is building and planning many more.

Tapping into available resources

The decline and poverty caused due to the recession was a handicap for the Golden Triangle. Development was not easy initially. But the area is rich in assets: an airport, railroads, waterways up to the Great Lakes and south to the Gulf Coast, and a quality engineering program at Mississippi State.

Optimum utilization of all these assets combined with visionary local administration and dedicated governance resulted in the economic makeover of the Golden Triangle.

The job growth here has demonstrated the bottom-up form of economic development. It bears testimony to the idea that local entrepreneurs who believe in a free market policy can power growth without government interference.

Advantages of entrepreneurial dynamism

Entrepreneurial dynamism not only brings job growth, but improves the quality of life, available services, and benefits for the entire society. Policymakers in certain other states (such as the ones run by liberals) could definitely learn from the example of entrepreneurship in the Golden Triangle.

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