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Bob Mueller is a DC Swamp Creature And a Pathetic American
06/07/2019 Bob Mueller Benjamin
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Robert Mueller is notorious for illicitly targeting innocents. Nothing could be worse for American jurisprudence than a prosecutor who lacks the judgement and credibility to lead anyone’s prosecution and one who is vengeful enough to not care about right and wrong.

Americans do not hold his work ethic in high standards.

Mueller's Career of Misdeeds

Quite early in his career, Robert Mueller began to reveal his true colors. Mueller’s connection with the Whitey Bulgar case, when he was the Director of FBI, came to light in an article published in The Boston Globe with a screaming headline “One Lingering Question for FBI Director Robert Mueller.”

The article exposed that it was due to Mueller and his men that Whitey Bulgar was able to eliminate his mob rivals.

This was just one of the several early incidents that demonstrated a pattern in Mueller’s career of misdeeds. Mueller focused more on convicting and sending to prison the people that he disliked, even if they were not guilty of the charges, than on uncovering the truth.

Congressman Curt Weldon was someone who tried to hold accountable all those in the FBI and the CIA who mishandled actionable intelligence that could have sabotaged the plans of the 9/11 terrorists – if the top brass at the FBI had allowed law enforcement and the military to do what they were supposed to do. Weldon also related multiple examples of how the officials at the top didn’t let it happen.

This goes back to Bush. Looks like George Bush Jr. allowed Mueller to get away with some nasty stuff. Not impressive Bush!

It is not surprising then that Mueller, along with the Clintons engaged in manipulation and contributed to the end of Weldon’s career.

Many people believe that such high level manipulations and criminal tactics don’t happen in America. But they certainly seemed to happen when Mueller was head of the FBI and even later when he became the Special Counsel.

It seemed that President Obama and his team was aware of Mueller’s reputation, and that he could be used to take out political opponents when required. Many of the honest FBI agents were frustrated by Mueller’s unethical actions but we know Obama and his team never cared about ethics.

But much to their dismay, Obama asked Mueller to continue for two more years in addition to the ten years allowed by law. He asked Congress to approve Mueller’s waiver, permitting him to stay on for two additional years.

Unethical Acceptance of Appointment as Special Prosecutor

Mueller had multiple conflicts of interest that should have prohibited him from serving as Special Counsel to investigate President Trump. Mueller should have never been an FBI agent – what idiots hired him?

Is the FBI hiring process a joke?

President Trump fired disgraced FBI director James Comey (who was Mueller’s close friend and confidante), whom Mueller had mentored. The ISIS loving Comey and Mueller were extremely close because they are both sacks of horse manure.

Comey was clearly going to be a prime witness in any investigation about President Trump. Mueller certainly could not have sat in judgment of his close friend Comey’s credibility because he does not have any. However, Mueller was least bothered about the ethics of conflict of interest because Mueller is dishonest. He is a narcissist and does not care about America at all.

Such complete disregard for professional ethics has been the hallmark of Mueller’s disgraceful career.

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