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John McCain Left Almost All His Honor in Vietnam
05/28/2019 John McCain Benjamin
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From late 1960s up until 1997, John McCain was a known figure in America and mainly because of the honor he showed while being in captivity in Vietnam.  

He was at first America’s hero; a naval aviator who was a political prisoner and later, was a political player for many decades. 

This war hero, who made front page news in the US, because he had spent five and a half years in a North Vietnamese Prison, remained unchallenged for several years.

The man behind the ‘War Hero’ persona

Barring this designation, John McCain was almost a ‘nobody’. Without the title of ‘war hero’ he was just a man with a creepy smile and an opportunist with a notorious life. He’s was also someone who was not that bright.

For example – in 2008 John McCain did not favor drilling for oil in ANWR – Alaska. This was a pathetic opinion because more oil means America is strong for many reasons. On top of this, this part of Alaska no one visits. On top of that, drilling for oil would not harm wild life at all. In fact, oil companies in Alaska care immensely about wild life. The Native Americans there no that.

What’s the point of having Alaska or any state for that matter if you are not going to tap its natural resources? Again, harvesting oil in ANWR would not harm the environment at all and it would create jobs and would mean less oil that we need to buy from suspicious countries.

The very fact that that intellectual lightweight McCain could not figure that out is profound.

His connections with casino magnate Charles Keating, his weakness for women like Cindy or Sarah, and his unfaithfulness to his crippled wife for Cindy did not endear him to many.

He, being a war hero, was a point of pride for America and McCain used it wisely. But eventually, he exploited the fact way too often and let his minions work in his place.

A fake media image

John McCain should have been portrayed as a man who thinks about doing right but did the wrong thing almost each time.

But John McCain’s fans in the media created a persona of him that was worthy of hero worship and did not portray the fraud that he actually was.

It is true that it is the supporters, fans and people who love him the most, who will write McCain’s legacy, but that does not change the fact that he was not that bright. He was also petty. He could not get over the fact that Trump won.

McCain was so jealous of Trump that he supported Obamacare rather than help out the country. This idiot McCain railed against Obamacare for years on end and when he finally had a chance to do something about it his ego would not allow him to do the right thing.

Job killing and actually people killing Obamacare could have been vanquished but just because that would have given Trump an economic and political win McCain said no.

On top of this, McCain was saying yes all day long that he would side with his Republican allies. If he would have been honest with them and said he was not going to support the better health care plan which was certainly not the health care system damaging Obamacare his friends and political party could have found someone else to vote with the new health care plan.

McCain deceived everyone and hurt the country all because he was jealous Trump won and he did not in 2008 because his campaign was soft and uninspiring. McCain’s character flaw will live in infamy.

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