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Reasons Why The Democratic Party is in Disarray
05/19/2019 Democratic Party Benjamin
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The Democratic party seems to be at the lowest point in its history, and incredibly enough, it still seems to be going downhill in direct proportion to every political victory of President Donald Trump.

Party leaders are in denial

It is surprising to see the extent to which the Democratic party members refuse to acknowledge or probably turn a blind eye to the current situation.

Despite the loss they faced in the White House two in a half years ago and the down-ballot bleeding that occurred during Obama’s reign, seniors in the party still think that they know better than the citizens who are voting and initiating change.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has seen more than its share of upheavals and lack of good party leadership. This can be seen from the scandalous tenure of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who led the DNC during the 2016 Democratic primary.

Wasserman Schultz favored Hillary Clinton behind the scenes over Bernie Sanders and was viewed as an unreliable ally who did not do much for the Democratic party besides cheat for it and allowed notational secrets to run off to Pakistan.

Minnesota representative Keith Ellison was the favored choice to replace Schultz but he likes to abuse woman as so many Democratic men enjoy doing so he was iced out. So, Tom Perez, the former secretary of labor was chosen and Keith Ellison thus became his deputy.

Party-building efforts are inadequate

The DNC’s fundraising has not been able to match that of the Republican National Committee. The latter have always been good at party-building but Perez’s supporters still believe that he will turn out to be a savior and restore the Democratic party’s position in politics.

Unfortunately, after having heard numerous vague points being talked about, today it is difficult to tell what the Democratic party’s mission and vision actually is. It seems to want to follow false narratives and continue telling lies through its main stream media conduit.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm of the House Democrats is also not really helping and almost seems to have made it their objective to destroy any political movements.

It may be intriguing to Americans who are not clear about how the Democratic party functions, to see that the party leaders are quite wary of anyone who is actively engaged with politics.

The Democratic party is trying to salvage what it can

At a time when Americans are looking for someone who can provide sustainable solutions to their economic problems, President Trump’s economic successes are exceptionally encouraging.

On one hand, the Democratic Party is in complete disarray, but on the other, their defeated and confused party leaders are trying to convince the people of America that they are going to win the next Presidential election despite ignoring the issues and trying to tell America that the economy is not that good when Obama kept us in a recession for years on end.

Although failure is the greatest teacher, it doesn’t seem to have taught much to the Democrats.

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