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How NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is Working Hard to Destroy the City From its Roots
05/16/2019 Bill De Blasio Benjamin
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Job killing NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio has viciously turned on his own town and banned New York’s classic glass and steel skyscrapers that have become the city’s identity.

De Blasio’s City Hall reign reeks of corruption, laziness, incompetence, and stupidity. He wants New York to be the first of many major cities on earth to make building owners clean up their act and help save energy as if these costs would not be sent to consumers who are already being taxed enough.

Apparently, this idiot wants to push even more money out of this giant decrepit city.

No Passion for the City

Unlike his predecessors, De Blasio doesn’t go to museums, concerts, or restaurants and has no love for the city.

What is utterly surprising is that nobody has promoted the construction of glass and steel towers in NYC more than de Blasio. He insisted that his own agencies rezone East Midtown to allow the super-tall One Vanderbilt to rise next to Grand Central Terminal.

But his overnight change of heart and decisions making it prohibitively expensive to construct large new buildings that the city needs, will end up destroying the world's financial capital and make it difficult for New York to compete on a global platform.

Hatred for Private Property

In 2016, the mayor told New York magazine that he doesn’t believe in the right to private property.

This ghetto creator claimed that residents of the city would prefer that the government make all the decisions as to which building goes where, how high it can be, who lives in it, and what the rent will be. The communists in Cuba would love to hear that and that is even more extreme than what has been going on in China.

De Blasio stated that if it was in his hand, he would ensure that only the city government would decide how each plot of land should be used. He also mentioned that he would put in stringent requirements around income levels and rent, no doubt making everything much more difficult for the people living in New York.

Rent control measures have never worked.

Such mindsets prove that certain politicians like De Blasio want to control what other people do with and on their own property. For them, the best option to make landowners listen and co-operate is to seize their land. Someone needs to seize his job but you know what, this is what NYC gets for voting in this misguided buffoon who destroys wealth rather than creates it.

Losses to Residents

De Blasio has already hurt residents and some may even lose their hard-earned investments.

The Third Party Transfer (TPT) Program supposedly enables nonprofit groups to buy distressed, vacant, and occupied multi-family properties and then rent them out to people looking for affordable accommodation.

But longtime honorable property owners complain that the city has seized their homes for not repaying small city debts which they were planning on paying.

For example, retired nurse Marlene Saunders almost lost her house (a fully paid-off brownstone worth upward of $2.2 million) because she had an unpaid water bill of less than $4,000. A local councilman had to intervene in order to allow the city to let Marlene keep her house.

If De Blasio just quit, that would be the biggest favor he can do to New York City. He’s not a real American – too bad he could not just leave the country.

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