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How Venezuela Ended Up Ruining Itself
05/06/2019 Venezuela Benjamin
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Venezuela’s misfortunes began to rise when Hugo Chavez famously proclaimed a new beginning of people power and social justice on the fateful day on the 6th of December 1998.

The leftwing populist said that Venezuela will be resurrected and no one will be able to stop it. The sea of euphoric supporters cheered at Chavez addressed them after winning the election. How stupid were those people?

Nearly 20 years later, those dreams and promises have ended up in the tatters.

The former President of Venezuela is dead and his revolution is in urgent need of intensive care as political, economic, and social chaos consumes the country.

Approximately 10% of Venezuela’s population has been forced to flee the country. Out of the remaining, almost 90% are living below poverty, a rate worsened by the botched economic strategies and a drop in global oil prices.

Every corner of Venezuela seems to be packed with hunger, deprivation, anxiety, and boiling anger at the government – a government that is unable to meet the most basic needs of its citizens because they tried to micromanage everything just like Bernie Sanders wants to do in America.

What’s worse is the country’s government is still denying that there is anything wrong. Once an oil-rich nation, Venezuela has turned into a war-torn country with absolutely no relief in sight which American Democrats like Ilhan Omar don’t want to admit.

Destruction Caused by the "New Socialism" of Chavez

In 2005, when Chavez visited Tinaquillo, a town 53-km from San Carlos, he swore to resuscitate the failing textile industry of Venezuela as part of his strategy to decrease their dependency on oil.

Those plans never came to fruition. As per the official data gathered by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country is going through hyperinflation right now.

Several economists have estimated that the inflation rate in Venezuela will go over by 1,000,000% in 2019.

According to the United Nations, nearly three million people have fled the country since medicine and chronic food shortages that emerged in 2015. In addition to that, the country’s transport systems and healthcare have also taken a severe nose-dive.

Maduro's Dictatorship Causing Havoc

Meanwhile, the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro is refusing to let go of his power even as his country is immersed into a humanitarian crisis unprecedented in modern history. This is because the disgusting Chinese and Russian governments have been propping him up.

He is not only throwing his political opponents in prison but is also severely punishing the street protestors and demonstrators. Apparently, the government security forces have been ordered to take down anyone who doesn’t get in line with the president.

The Habit of Blaming America

Several Venezuelan leaders, including the braindead and corrupt foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, have been quite vocal about blaming the Trump government.

The pathetic and arrogant Arreaza even went as far as calling Trump a racist, supremacist, and extremist even though Trump has been killing terrorists in the Middle East and making countries safer. This idiot claimed that Trump has launched an all-around war on his country.

The habit to shift the blame on America instead of introspecting how Venezuela’s dictators have destroyed a country that was once full of natural wealth and beauty is the core reason behind Venezuela’s catastrophic fate.

Russia and China are both evil countries.

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