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2019 Will Expose Plenty of Corrupt Deep State Obama Federal Bureaucrats
05/06/2019 corruption Benjamin
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The US is witnessing history as a highly corrupt network of career officials (“The Deep State”) is on the verge of getting exposed.

These officials have not only been actively working against President Trump but also the well-being of the American people much to the delight of Iran and all our enemies like most of the members of The View.

Deep State’s False Narrative

This nefarious network – along with Hilary Clinton’s campaign team, several politicians, and foreign officials – created the false tale during the 2016 elections that Donald Trump was hand in glove with the Russians.

Even though their goal to prevent Trump from becoming president failed miserably, they were still in operation, trying to undermine his government at every turn.

These traitors have been behind the fake Trump-Russia narrative, calls for impeachment, as well as several unauthorized leaks.

They also spied on the Trump campaign, using the full force of spy agencies and corrupt politicians. They weaponized the CIA, NSA, and the FBI!

Many top officials from the Obama administration were also involved in the spying campaign against President Trump, including CIA Director John Brennan and National Security Adviser Susan Rice (who lied about Benghazi).

And don’t forget that corrupt attorney general in Loretta Lynch! She is a disgrace and should be tried for treason. She does not deserve to be on this planet with the rest of us.

While these officials were busy spying on the current President, top players in the Democratic National Committee and Clinton team were creating misinformation and spreading false stories in the government as well as news outlets.

The Corrupt Network Stands Exposed

The numerous attempts to link Trump with Russia have fully exposed this shady network and its key players. Some highly significant figures in the US government have been exposed as part of this network.

Even though the key instigators are from the Obama administration, several officials across the US government seem to have been involved in the smear campaign against Trump. The mainstream media is a disgrace too – they do their best to cover up the deep state’s crimes.

Foreign Connections of the Deep State

This Deep State conspiracy involves corrupt officials in the US government as well as various foreign governments.

For example, former CIA Director Brennan reportedly used “unauthorized intelligence” from the UK to force the FBI to open an investigation against Trump.

Also, Christopher Steele, the British Intelligence officer, played a key role in spreading the false allegations of Trump-Russia involvement.

That’s not all. Alexander Downer, Australia’s top diplomat in the UK, is the one who claimed that George Papadapolous – Trump’s campaign adviser –told him that he knew Russia was in possession of emails written by Hilary Clinton.

It should be noted that Downer was the one who approved a $25 million donation to the Clinton Foundation by the Australian government.

So far these allegations have proven to be nothing more but work of someone’s crafty imagination.

Time to Expose the Conspirators

These conspirators who worked in tandem to rig the presidential election, then went on to tarnish President Trump, are about to be exposed. Their efforts to mislead the country have failed and now it’s time to bring these corrupt officials to justice.

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