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Bernie Sanders Wants to Allow Terrorists and Murderers The Right to Vote – Frightening
05/01/2019 Bernie Sanders Benjamin
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The job killing and government loving Bernie Sanders thinks that everyone, including criminals like the infamous Boston Marathon bomber, should have the right to vote.

When asked whether the incarcerated and just released criminals should get the right to vote, the ISIS loving Sanders said at the CNN town hall recently that American democracy needs everyone to vote.

The corrupt Lois Lerner IRS Sanders said that we need to expand the democratic process by including every single individual.

Sanders is supporting enfranchising criminals like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Rolling Stone loves him – they love murderers) who helped in the bombing during the 2013 Boston Marathon that killed three and injured hundreds. He believes this is a natural part of the democratic process.

Sanders, who does not care about the safety of his own wife, was asked whether the bomber of the Boston Marathon, sex offenders (who would like to rape his wife), other terrorists and heinous criminals should be able to vote. He said that even the most terrible people righteously need voting power.

Sanders said that criminals serving their jail sentence or the ones who are paying for their crimes to society should have the inherent American democratic right to vote. And he actually wants to run on this belief. Even liberals like Cher were appalled!

Sen. Harris Gives a Vague Response

Later, the job destroying and wealth attacking (not wealth creating) Sen. Kamala Harris said she was open to allow the currently incarcerated criminals to vote, however, her response was noncommittal to Sanders' idea.

CNN's Don Lemon asked Harris whether convicted criminals and prisoners like the bomber of the 2013 Boston Marathon who’s on a death row and sexual assaulters should be allowed to vote.

Harris said that there was a need to have a conversation on the issue. No there does not! Real Americans know no conversation is needed.

Her vague answer pointed to the possibility that she was not in 100% support to Sander’s point of view.

Republicans' Counter

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham asked Democrats to clear their stand on Bernie Sanders’s controversial advocacy to allow prison inmates to vote. Graham tweeted that there should be a vote among senators to check everyone’s stand on the issue.

Graham also asked Sanders to explain whether Dylann Roof, the convicted 2015 church shooter at Charleston, should be able to vote.

Graham said that Sanders should come to South Carolina and clear everyone’s doubts on why Dyalnn Roof should be allowed to vote in the upcoming elections. Sanders is going to get smoked by Trump if the Democrats toss his pathetic name on the top of the ballot.

Bernie Campaign Co-Chair Disagrees with the Senator

Jo killing and baby destroying Democrat Ro Khanna, presidential co-chairs of Sanders’s campaign, said he did not support Sanders’s idea to let violent criminals vote. So he is not completely moronic and disgusting but nonetheless Khanna is still a fake America who should relocate to Germany.

Rep. Khanna remarked to “New Day," a CNN publication, that he was not going to get that far to allow criminals to vote. But he’s OK with allowing China to steal our secrets and allowing terrorists to relocate to America to blow us up like Obama allowed to happen for years on end.

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