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Seattle’s Minimum Wage Law is Killing Small Businesses And jobs
05/01/2019 Minimum Wage Law Benjamin
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Although there are many misguided and borderline braindead supporters in favor of raising the minimum wage (MW), it ultimately harms the workers at the bottom of the pyramid, according to new research done in Seattle.

As higher wages mean the payroll budget would go over the limit, employers tend to eliminate the unskilled jobs which has not been shown by the research till now.

Comprehensive Study Exposes Flaws

The University of Washington (UW) researchers have stated in a study done in Seattle on raising the wages to $15 – the results does not surprise anyone with a clue at all. The findings are somewhat contradictory to how liberals think since they have been brainwashed with the PC disease.

The study reveals that employers either reduce the number of jobs or the work hours in order to compensate for the increased expenditure. They may also put off the process of planned hiring which is again, not surprising to anyone who is not an idiot.

The disadvantages in part for unskilled workers for higher wages outweigh the advantages three to one, according to the UW study.  While the low wage employees’ work hours are cut 9 percent on average, the growth in income is only 3 percent.

The study also reveals that the overall result is a loss of $125 a month per worker which is significant for the workers at the bottom of the pyramid – even for people who are middle class. That’s a lot of money.

The study also says that if the MW law is scrapped, thousands of new jobs would be there, creating more opportunities for job seekers.

Raising Minimum Wage does not Help Unskilled Workers

The UW study has used much more dependable data from the state of Washington than the former ones done on wages, and it is completely contradictory to what the previous researchers had found because this study is actually honest.

The ultimate finding is that raising the minimum wage does not help unskilled workers receive better remunerations in the long run. Again, this is not surprising to anyone who is not as stupid as Nancy Pelosi and AOC.

The other point to realize in this case is that although the minimum wage law can bar the employers from paying below a minimum rate, it cannot force them to not cut hours or the number of jobs they provide – that would be unconstitutional. Though honest people know that forcing an employer to pay someone a certain wage is unconstitutional as well.

There should be no such thing as a minimum wage law.

The UW research is one of those most unbiased papers ever written pertaining to minimum wage law which proves that this irrational law is hurting employees at the bottom of Seattle’s economy.

Seattle Mayor in Denial Mode

The pathetic and anti-business and anti-common sense Seattle Mayor who has defended the law stated that raising the MW is a sign of progress for the city. Ed Murray is of the point of view that it will help reduce income inequality which is ridiculous because if you don’t have a job your income is zero.

Murray’s office has sent a letter with objections to the findings of the UW research, expressing its concerns on the over-generalized conclusion and errors in methodology. When you vote for idiots like Murray – expect lots of good people to get hurt.

The government should just get out of the way. Micro-managing business is not needed in regards to wages.

Mr. Mayor – why is your city not doing well? Please answer that!

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