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Bernie Sanders is a Millionaire But Also a Socialist – Hilarious
04/19/2019 Bernie Sanders Benjamin
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Hypocrisy, thy name is Bernie Sanders!

Clearly, Senator Bernie Sanders does not practice what he preaches. Sanders, the self-proclaimed socialist who wants to bring everyone under incompetent and expensive Medicare by taxing the hard workers and risk takers of America is officially a millionaire himself.

Being a millionaire is not an insult and any money earned by hard work is worthy of respect. But it seems Bernie Sanders has one set of standards for himself and another for everyone else.

Sanders voluntarily agreed to disclose his wealth on April 15th and according to his own statement, he is now a millionaire. This comes against a backdrop where he campaigns against the millionaires and billionaires aggressively.

Sanders must understand that speaking against all wealthy people who have earned their wealth by hard work is not acceptable because the idea of a rich socialist is against his own preaching and we know, based on the Clintons, that he only flies via private jets. He’s that special! He’s that vain!

Sanders has said that he earned the money by writing a bestseller and he is candid about the fact that bestseller writers can be millionaires too.

That is nothing wrong, but writing books cannot be a everyone’s cup of tea and anyone, regardless of their profession should respectable equally. Classifying his own writing profession as legitimate while categorizing the wealthy people with negative sentiments is a terrible form of hypocrisy. 

AOC – Sanders is a millionaire – is he evil?

Meanwhile, there are 17.3 million millionaires in the US and that is the highest number of millionaires in a country in the world. Significantly most of these millionaires did not earn their wealth by writing books.

The idea is not to vilify Sanders’s achievement, but Senator Sanders should also learn how to respect other people’s professions if he wants to stay on the high pedestal of a reformist which he identifies himself as.

Sander’s is really a capitalist!

Demonizing the process of being rich, class warfare against the riches, selectively supporting professions cannot bring fortune to anyone’s vision, and when someone engages himself in such hypocrisy, it is only seen as a pastime lecture.

If Senator Sanders is showing all such anomalistic behavior just to get votes, it is seriously despicable.

Bernie Sanders’s slogans of free college, ideas of breaking up the banks, Medicare for everyone, etc. somehow cannot justify his own professional achievements.

Sanders policies that are far from being practical and which have grossly become unaffordable would only make him a villain in disguise of a socialist.

Sanders must stop acting like a hypocrite now. He belongs to the same capitalist nation that made him a millionaire. So, he cannot point his fingers at other millionaires and billionaires who earned their wealth due to their hard work. If capitalism has to go, Sanders must also go out of politics.

Move to Cuba Sanders!

If Senator Sanders does not regard for a true capitalist society, he has no right to sit securely on his own millions. Hilarious how Sanders does not want to live in Venezuela or Cuba – countries that follow his political doctrine!

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