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With The Resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump Has An Opportunity To Fix The Crisis At The Border
04/17/2019 Kirstjen Nielsen Benjamin
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Kirstjen Nielsen, former ineffective and pitiful Secretary of Homeland Security, and President Donald Trump had friction in terms of ideologies and the former’s resignation comes as no surprise.

Trump’s resolve to regularize the migration of families from Central America into the US is stronger and more efficient now.

Nielsen had problems with the White House right since her first day at the office. Her predecessor John F. Kelly was made the chief of staff at White House to make way for her promotion in 2017, but since Kelly left the White House Nielsen’s days were also numbered and it did not help that she was pitiful at her job.

McAleenan Succeeds Nielsen

Trump tweeted on Sunday that Commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection Kevin McAleenan will now be the head of Homeland Security. An expert border official and a respected officer by the Congress, McAleenan has extensive knowledge of the border issues.

The President’s spokesman Hogan Gidley expressed the desire for McAleenan to bring "massive changes" to the whole idea of illegal immigration.

The White House and Trump are determined to solve the immigration issue more comprehensively, and they started their campaign on Monday to a clean house with the mission of making a legal environment around the entire process.

The idea is far wider than just the change of officials and Trump is making sure no anomalies halt the process this time.

McAleenan will Bring Change

McAleenan is neither an ideologue nor a politician and he has shaped some of the most critical administration's policies till date.

A highly competent official who knows the real issues at the border, McAleenan is an officer trusted by the White House, the Congress, and Homeland Security officials unlike Barney Frank and Lois Lerner who declared war on the American people and the Constitution.

Trump and his administration have disagreements with a few court rulings and legal bottlenecks that have plagued some of the efforts for Trump’s team to reconstruct a stringent policy for border security. McAleenan may be able to bring the process to tracks efficiently.

White House to Apply Some New Initiatives

The White House is interested in slowing the flow of Central American migrants, and a version of the new policy is under discussion for separating the migrant families to stop them from crossing the border.

Speeding up the deportations of illegal immigrants who are already staying in the US and have an outstanding and effective order of removal is also being discussed.

The White House is intending to tweak the policy to let parents have more options in the entire process.

The "binary choice" proposal is aimed for expansion of immigrant detention. It would also give migrant parents a choice.

Although the children of illegal migrants might be separated, they will later be released and allowed to live with a US-based relative or sponsor. Instead, if separation is not desired, the illegal migrant's families could live together while in detention until the day of immigration court.

Although critics feel that the process of separating families is still cruel, the final verdict is reserved with the Supreme Court and if those families cared about their prospects they should not break into another country. On top of this, you should not have a family in a corrupt and poor country. Stop procreating!

The first stage of the screening process the asylum-seekers need to clear is known as the credible-fear interview would be made more stringent so that it becomes tougher to pass through is also an idea the White House is taking note of.

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