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Regulation: Is marijuana and alcohol alike?
04/16/2019 116th Congress Anita W
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The Democrat lead House is not waiting to introduce legislature that assisted them in getting elected. The 116th Congress (2019-2020) is considering the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, H.R. 240. Many states already have laws on the books to decriminalize marijuanaThe Federal government is moving to catch up.

Wording Is Everything

Marijuana is still a Schedule I drug under Federal mandates. The confusion of the lack of cohesion between state and Federal’s view on marijuana is a growing issue.

H.R. 420 catches the eye because of the reference to the act’s number and symbolism. It also shows that the government is aware the stigma behind the substance is no longer a factor.

Currently, marijuana charges are still felonies, regardless of cultural norms or scientific basis. The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act lays out how the criminalization of cannabis is an outdated view much like alcohol during Prohibition.

Decriminalization now only helps the prison system with over incarceration, but it also gives room for research and correct data on how marijuana’s derivatives are helpful and not harmful.

Permissions to Grow

Laws remain in place in terms of alcohol, making it illegal to manufacture and distribute without permits and licenses.

The same rules and laws apply to marijuana in the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act. H.R. 420 lists regulations that would require permits.

  • The packaging of cannabis
  • Warehousing the substance
  • Cultivating crops
  • Contracts, shipping, and delivery related to the drug

The Federal government is still in charge of refusals, revocations, and annulments of licenses.

Regulation and First Step Act’s Role

The First Step Act is now part of the fabric of America. President Donald J. Trump (R-45th) signed the bill that reduces the sentencing portion for crimes involving marijuanaIt was indeed the first step.

More than half of the United States already have laws decriminalization marijuana and reducing the sentences for related nonviolent crimes. The Federal government is now playing catch-up.

Governmental regulations on a Federal level and state laws are beginning to work together rather than confuse people. The alignment is a positive movement towards reducing sentences that make little sense on the Federal level while recognizing each state handles marijuana in different ways.

Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) is the bill’s sponsor. It is still in its infancy and making its way through committees. The Senate’s approval or amendments have yet to begin. Following the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol makes it one of the most viewed bills. 

Tax benefits, medical research and use, and the freedom to ingest are all elements that attract people on both sides of marijuana policy.

By Anita W
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