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The Deep State is Finally Running Scared
04/15/2019 Deep State Benjamin
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Trump’s clear intentions to go against the Deep State were not taken benevolently by the anti-Trumpers and Deep State’s members.

They warned Trump that his way of working was more a suicidal attempt than anything else.

This misplaced belief was so rampant that minority leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer warned Trump of dire consequences for attacking the intelligence community by saying that the intelligence services would make Trump’s life hell if he went against the services. Schumer was right – thanks for the head’s up Chucky!   

The ‘Deep State Threat’

Phil Mudd who was a counterterrorism expert for the FBI and CIA under the leadership of Robert Mueller predicted a dire outcome for Trump at a CNN show hosted by Jake Tapper in 2017 (August).

He said that President Donald Trump is going to be ‘killed’ by the government because Trump did not support them even a little. Trump supports honest bureaucrats – not swamp rats like Comey.

Mueller’s team during the special-counsel investigation drew the caricature of the formation and nature of the deep state which naturally was anti-Trump.

That debilitating administrative state, or the swamp, whatever you name it, the deep state was completely consumed by a belief that Trump’s governance principles (next to his election as the president after the nomination) were going to backfire.

The deep state failed in everything – at predicting and understanding, and also in derailing the Trump administration.

However, what the deep state failed the most at was in destroying the enthusiasm and success of Trump and his team.

The Anti-Trumpers Predictions Fell Flat

Anti-Trumpers were so confident in Trump’s failure that they nicely painted a picture of the future containing Chicken Little under Trump’s presidency.

They saw the sky breaking and falling but their dreams did not quite take real shape.

Neither the dream of sky falling nor the idea of a breakdown of the US economy did actually happen.

In fact, after almost the complete tenure of Trump’s presidency, America has only prospered more than it did under Democrat President Barack Obama. The US’s picture abroad is also more positive than before now.

The antipathy of the bigger section of the media, a large section of the futile career establishments of both political communities, the majority the nation’s owners of personal wealth, and the traditional federal bureaucracy – the composers of the deep state- could not succeed in stopping Trump from casting the trump card in favor of the nation.

The Deep State is Now Afraid

Trump’s straightforward counterattack on the deep state has now left the anti-Trump brigade severely terrified.

Kevin Shipp, a former CIA top gun has very candidly expressed the truth when he told that the anti-Trumpers did not expect Trump to do what he actually did and that is why the deep state community is scared now. 

The deep state’s intention was to clip the wings of Trump because they had the idea that he was uncontrollable which he is. He is not a talking robot who does what the socialists want or the deep state. Trump does what the people want and the food stamp producers cannot stand that. That’s why we need to continue to attack this corrupt bureaucracy and Nancy Pelosi loves so much.

The Deep State has reasons to be afraid. The shadow government they ran is in shambles now, and an apocalypse may occur any time in the deep state. The truth is coming out and it’s going to overwhelm.

The media thought the deep state was too big to be tackled by Trump and a few heroes. The editors who were busy handling stories against Trump with another notion that the goodwill of Trump would be surely subdued by the deep state’s initiatives are getting restless even more now.

If George Washington was alive now he would want to hang almost every Democrat for being anti-American.

They’ve started feeling the failure of their evil company and the entire evil empire. John Brennan is a job killer and someone who allowed ISIS to run rampant from one country to another.

As Shipp has expressed, the deep state’s intention to derail Trump by resorting to evil strategies that included a character assassination have all gone awry and what is left is a terrific threat for the entire deep state. And the deep state cannot stand that Trump continues to win.

Too bad California and New York continue to be failed states as well. Back to the main topic here though – Trump is the best President since Reagan and his work ethic is supreme. He ran the lazy Hillary into the ground and her email scandal is going to be investigated soon enough.

The mainstream media is going to look historically stupid when this is all said and done. They have been on the wrong side of this and history will verify it.

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