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Trump’s Approval Rating Increases After Mueller Report
04/02/2019 Mueller Report Benjamin
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If there ever was an occasion to use the term ‘total and complete vindication’, this is it. After two long years, Robert Mueller has revealed what everyone with a functioning brain already knew – there was no Russian collusion – well there was with the Democrats.

As President Trump stands vindicated, his approval rating has increased not just among his voter base, but also among the general public.

Increase in Approval Rating

The latest Rasmussen survey shows that President Trump currently has a 50% approval rating among general public, which is five percentage points higher than his ratings from earlier this month.

Trump’s approval among voters who identify as Republicans, on the other hand, has been steady despite Mueller’s witch hunt and the constant smear campaigns run by the media. Currently, 89% of Republican men and 90% of Republican women approve of President Trump.

The amazing thing about these numbers is that they are consistent across different age groups. Trump has an 81% approval rating among youngsters between the ages of 18 and 29 and has a 90% approval rating among people aged 65 and above.

White working class continues to be the biggest base for President Trump, with a 92% approval rating. Among nonwhite Republicans, he has a 72% approval rating and the number continues to climb higher by the day. 

It goes to show that Trump’s presidency has been beneficial for people across the spectrum, irrespective of their age, race, or financial background.

Public Opinion Mueller Report

The latest survey from CBS shows that a large section of the general public is fed up with the witch hunt against the President. 54% of people believe that the Mueller investigation was politically motivated and completely unjustified.

61% of people strongly believe that the investigations against Trump should be dropped.

Public Trust in Media at All Time Low

The silver lining in the dark and deceptive witch hunt against the President is the fact that the fake news media has completely lost its credibility.

Immediately after the Mueller report was released, CNN witnessed a 24% drop in its daytime viewership and a 27% drop in its primetime viewership. Rachel Maddow bawled like a baby on live TV, much to the embarrassment of her own viewers. The ratings for her segment have also taken a nosedive.

Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert have completely lost their mind and are still babbling about Russian collusion as their brain-dead viewers continue to clap and hoot at every lame joke they come up with.

Conservative media figures like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, continue to gain viewers on a daily basis and have emerged as the victors in the television rating war.

The Way Forward

The Mueller investigation has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for President Trump, as it has given him an opportunity to prove his honesty to the entire world.

The President celebrated the end of the witch hunt with a massive rally in Michigan and thundered that he will finish the job he started two years ago, which is draining the swamp.

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