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Now The Real Investigation Begins on Hillary Clinton – Unlike The Fake And Fallacious Trump Collusion Mueller Investigation
03/31/2019 Investigation Benjamin
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After seeing the report given by Robert Mueller, that proved Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia, it seems like the real collusion has taken place between socialist Democrats and fake media who imposed this hoax on the Americans.

The preposterous allegations against Trump

Socialist democrats, their news media allies and other characters involved in this drama, searched for proofs of an impeachable offense against the President, made up fake allegations based on more fake facts, spreading misinformation on a large scale.

They engaged in the world’s most disreputable propaganda campaign and wasted two and a half years of the FBI and its resources, along with millions of dollars of tax payer money for the Mueller investigation which ultimately revealed nothing of importance.

Investigating Hillary

People are now awaiting fresh investigations into Hillary Clinton’s campaign instead, her emails and the Steele dossier that was responsible for maligning Donald Trump.

There are so many issues being raised about the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whys’ of Hillary’s modus operandi such as FBI’s spying on Carter Page (one of Trump’s associate), Bill Clinton meeting with Barack Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, on an airport tarmac in Phoenix, the infamous Steele dossier (compiled by hired British spy, Christopher Steele), and Hillary’s own emails.

Many are also suspicious of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in handing over 20 percent of America’s uranium supplies to Uranium One (a company completely owned by Russia) when she was Secretary of State. In spite of being such a controversial decision, no investigation has been launched into it so far.

It is also known that Hillary Clinton illegally used a privately-created email server for conducting State Department business that was totally classified.

This was an act that made US secrets and vital information vulnerable to spying and hacking attacks by the Russians, the Chinese, and other enemies of the State. The Department of Justice must look into this matter seriously and find out what these unsafe activities have cost the country. And don’t listen to that soft and weak Karl Rove on this issue. America needs to get to the bottom of this.

Recently, a Judicial Watch report revealed that eighteen classified emails were found on the laptop of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Huma Abedin (one of Hillary’s top aides).

This is clearly a violation of the law and there may be many more instances where Hillary Clinton has bend the rules and got her way in conducting the daily affairs.

What will a fresh investigation entail?

It seems like fresh investigations into Hillary Clinton’s dubious actions will cost the Clinton Foundation dearly. Three FBI field offices were getting ready to move on this disgusting and immoral criminal enterprise (not a foundation) but the corrupt Obama’s administration told the FBI to stand down.

It will also probably destroy any hopes Hillary had of making a political comeback. Many high-level officials in the Justice Department and those in the FBI during Obama’s reign will soon be criminally indicted. William Barr has a huge mess to clean up.

Hillary will indeed be lucky if the results of this investigation don’t get her prosecuted. Put all her crimes up on a grand jury. The evidence is overwhelming.

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