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Hollywood is in The News Again For Being Corrupt
03/22/2019 corruption Benjamin
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Marlon Brando once said that most successful people in Hollywood are failures as human beings.

As it turns out, he was spot on. Hollywood has always been known as the hotbed of excess – too much ego, too much money, too much expectation, too much idolization. So it makes sense that the inevitable result of such excess would be too much corruption.

Kind of like it is in the music world too.

The US federal officials have announced that Hollywood actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman (who played the biggest b—ch ever on that self-absorbed show Desperate Housewives which I only watched for free on some random Internet website while waiting for House of Cards, Narcos, The Walking Dead, and other spectacular shows to be ready to be watched) are among fifty people charged in a $25 million college cheating scam that’s been prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

Millions Paid in Bribes

All of the 50 wealthy individuals that are facing federal fraud charges allegedly paid approximately $6.5 million in bribes to get their children into Ivy League colleges, including the University of Southern California, Stanford, Yale, and Georgetown. The investigation has been dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues” by the media.

Andrew Lelling, the US attorney for the District of Massachusetts, recently addressed a press conference, saying that this case has brought to light the widespread corruption in the college admissions.

He also said that the wealthy have been known to weasel their way into elite colleges via bribes and other fraudulent activities.

The US attorney also said that there would never be separate college admissions system or even a separate criminal justice system for the rich in the country.

Huffman Indicted, Her Husband Spared

William H. Macy, Huffman’s husband, was not indicted but the court document says that both he and his wife were caught on a recorded conversation, allegedly discussing paying $15,000 to make sure their daughter scores high on her entrance exam.

Charges were filed against Huffman as she allegedly tried to hide the $15,000 bribery as a charitable donation. According to the indictment, that bribe proves Huffman’s involvement in the nationwide college admissions bribery scandal.

Huffman replied “yes” to questions asked by a judge during a hearing in Los Angeles on Tuesday. She said she understands the charges filed against her.

The Desperate Housewives star was released from custody after the judge granted her bail for a $250,000 bond.

The court documents also state that Huffman was prepared to bribe a second time to ensure the admission of her younger daughter but at the last minute decided against it.

The documents detail that the federal agents secretly recorded phone calls between the actress and a cooperating witness.

$500,000 to Get in USC

The pretty Full House actress, along with her famous fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, arranged to pay around half a million dollars to an “admissions consultant” for having their daughters admitted to the University of Southern California as recruits to the college’s crew team. The thing is, these girls were never a part of the crew team in high school.

According to the court documents, Giuanulli was recorded having a conversation with a cooperating witness. The famed fashion designer asks the witness whether he should discuss her admission with a particular USC administrator he was going on a trip with.

To this, the witness replied that he should keep him out of it since the official felt Loughlin and her husband could have easily coughed up over a million dollars for the same deal.

The federal officials have apparently procured emails that implicate Loughlin and her husband for their role in the infamous admissions scandal.

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