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Democrats in Virginia Are in a Mess of Their Own Making
02/27/2019 Democrats Benjamin
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The Democratic Party in Virginia spiraled into serious political chaos earlier this month as their top three Democratic leaders came under fire in a series of scandals, which have threatened the party’s historic gains in the state in last few years which coincide with Virginia’s weak economy.

You reap what you sew! When you vote for Democrats expect to see wealth via jobs and growth dissipate.

Cloud of Gloom among Democrats as Confessions Pour In

As Attorney General Mark R. Herring acknowledged his presence in blackface around 30 years ago, the Democratic Party was worried that his admission, along with the admissions made by Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and Gov. Ralph Northam, could severely damage party’s relations with their supporters.

While it is difficult to determine the full extent of the damage at this moment, a cloud of gloom has been cast on the party that believed it was going to dominate the majorities in both houses of the General Assembly this fall. Now, it seems the party’s hopes for gaining full control of state government for the first time in 30 years have been squashed.

Ben Tribbett, a Democratic strategist based in Fairfax, said that this is devastating for the party. Democrats’ good impression is ruined and everybody can see it.

Racial Insults and Sexual Assault

Two out of these three scandals involve racially offensive imagery, while the other one involves an alleged sexual assault case. Considering that two of Democratic Party’s core constituencies are female and African American voters, this really doesn’t bode well for them.

Tribett also said that these burst of disclosures have seriously fractured the foundation of their party.

The Democratic leaders in Washington called for Northam’s resignation last week, after Herring’s admission and a statement from Vanessa Tyson emerged. Tyson is a professor at Scripps College in California and she claims that Fairfax sexually assaulted her 2004.

This doesn’t make it easy for the Democratic Party to win in Virginia, a state that Trump lost in 2016. As the president is expected to bid for a second term, the Democrats were hoping to win in Virginia which could prove crucial to their campaign.

Democrats in Virginia Struggle to Explain the Scandals

Ever since these disastrous revelations have come to light, the political climate has turned quite bizarre. The 2016 Democratic vice-presidential nominee and a former missionary, Sen. Tim Kaine, is frequently being asked by reporters whether he ever wore blackface.

As the party was trying to recover from the disclosures involving Fairfax and Northam, the scandalous news broke about Herring and sent the party in a tizzy.

The Democrats are still struggling to understand these allegations and determine a suitable response while the party leaders are left unsure about their future.

In a relatively short duration, the Democratic Party in Virginia has landed itself in, what many are calling, a political catastrophe. This has not only ceased the momentum of the party but also released a ripple of fighting among the party leaders. 

This has obviously made Republicans rather hopeful of staying competitive in Virginia, a state that’s been quite unresponsive to their message till now despite the economy fluttering and jobs and money leaving this state even if Amazon chose to come to this average state.

Even though he has been requested to resign by the Democratic Party, Northam has refused to give up his seat after stating that the alleged photo that shows him dressed in blackface is actually not him. But he has been unable to explain why then that photo is on his yearbook page.

Like the Clintons, like all liberals, Northam is a liar. The Democrats are an immoral party.

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