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No Collusion With Trump – The Collusion With Russia is With The Democrats
02/27/2019 Democrats Benjamin
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Donald Trump has been cleared by both House and Senate investigative committees of the allegations of Russian collusion. Not surprising!

The committees found no evidence supporting the alleged claims of the Democrats. However, one significant detail escaped everybody’s notice while unsubstantiated allegations against the US President were running high.

The Clintons’ Complicity in Russia Deals

Hillary Clinton, as secretary of State, worked with quite a few Russian leaders including Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in order to create US technology partnerships with Skolkovo (Moscow’s version of Silicon Valley).

The 2009-2010 Skolkovo Project was Clinton’s purported attempt to improve the US-Russia relations after decades of antagonism fueled by Vladimir Putin’s military action against the former Soviet Republic.

Russian oligarch, Viktor Vekselberg, who also donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation, led the Russian side of the project. This prompted several US donors to the Clinton charity to get involved as well.

The American companies working with the Russian project were facilitated by Clinton’s State Department, and the then-Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was invited to visit Silicon Valley.

It is notable that this collaboration occurred at the exact same time former President Bill Clinton went to Russia to deliver a single speech for which he received a check for $500,000.

This now-infamous trip raised eyebrows even then, according to the internal email correspondence records.

That’s because the former US president Clinton asked for permission to meet Arkady Dvorkovich, a senior official of Rosatom, and Vekselberg, the head of Skolkovo.

Rosatom is a Russian nuclear energy corporation that’s seeking State’s approval to acquire Uranium One, a Canadian uranium mining giant.

Clinton-Supported Russian Project: A Disguise for US Espionage

According to the intelligence documents that came to the light years later, both Uranium One and Skolkovo projects raised severe security concerns back then.

The US military’s most significant think tank in Europe issued a warning in 2013, stating that these projects might be a front for military and economic espionage.

Then in 2014, the FBI went an extra mile and sent written warnings to several technology companies in the US that were conducting business with Skolkovo. The now moribund FBI was afraid that these companies were risking potential espionage.

Lucia Ziobro, the FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, wrote in the Boston Business Journal that Skolkovo might be the Russian government’s attempt to access classified research information of the US.

Clintons Benefitted from Russia Connections and Colluded against Trump

Congressional investigators have been hard at work, gathering evidence to support the fact that Clinton Foundation had deep ties with the Russian government.

The evidence collected so far clearly shows that Clintons financially benefited from their Russian connections at the same time they engaged in actions that pleased Moscow and posed great security threats to the US.

In 2016, a major political project was created by the presidential campaign of Clinton to portray Donald Trump as Russia’s puppet. Interestingly, the Clintons and the Democrats were still having deep links with Russia during this vicious smear campaign.

The Democratic Party and the Clinton Campaign clandestinely hired GPS research firm, headed by Glenn Simpson, through Perkins Coie, the law firm favored by all the Democrats and Clintons.

Simpson then hired Christopher Steele, a retired British intelligence agent to create an unverified dossier indicating that Donald Trump was conspiring with Russia to hijack the presidential election. As the FBI learned later, Steele was frantic and wanted to defeat Trump at any cost.

The mountain of evidence implicates the Clintons. For years now, Hillary Clinton’s family and foundation have benefited from Moscow at the cost of compromising US national security.

William Barr – make this right!

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