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Hot Topic Issues for Voters: Healthcare, Economy, and Immigration
02/27/2019 2020 Election Anita W
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The 2020 election season is not sneaking up on us; it is already part of day to day. Contenders are putting their names in the race. Breaking it down on a regular basis keeps confusion down and knowledge of the top issues at the tip of your fingers.

Hot Topic Highlights:

  • 80% of polled voters name healthcare as extremely or very important.
  • 78% of voters see the economy less critical than midterm elections, but still significant.
  • Immigration ranks alongside the economy as a predominant issue in the 2020 elections. 

Heated Healthcare Debate

Healthcare is not a new public discussion. Presidents for a century have put medical management programs on platforms, regardless of party.  

President Obama implemented The Affordable Care Act. Since day one, controversy has surrounded its existence.  Voter concerns range from limited access to the reversal of coverage, entirely. 

Republicans work to reduce the government's role in medical management while Democrats attempt to create overlay healthcare that resembles Medicare coverage. The stark differences in approaches make healthcare the hot button issue it has become.

Examining the Economy

The Bureau of Economic Statistics reports that consumers are spending morecompanies are making more significant investments, and local governments stayed on budgets in terms of spending in 2018.  

Economists, however, predict a downturn in the markets in the coming months of 2019. The Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates. Higher interest rates make it difficult for working-class and small businesses to borrow money.  

Increasing trade tariffs and vigorous trade policy has Wall Street concerned about peaking markets.  However, the unemployment rate's continuing fall gives hope that the economy will not bottom out into a full recession.

Nevertheless, the unemployment numbers include those with part-time and low-paying retail jobs. Most people who fall into those categories are actively looking for higher paying full-time jobs.

The hope is that the market stabilizes and avoids a recession in the coming years. President Trump's tax cuts have seen stock buy-backs increase, but no promise of higher-paying jobs on the horizon.

Ideal Immigration

Immigration is a divisive issue regardless of party affiliation. 5% of those that immigrate to The United States serve in a branch of the military. However, many Americans see immigration as a threat to their livelihood. 

America's workforce is aging while working-age citizens are not growing at the same rate.  Diversity is the workforce is needed to fill the gap, but the solution is not easy to pinpoint.

Republicans and Democrats' ideas differ considerably on how to resolve immigration legislation.  It is why it makes the top three in terms of issues facing the 2020 election season.

Voting is a duty. Knowing the issues motivates. 

By Anita W
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