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Trump Has Done More Than Any Other President On Illegal Immigration, but More Needs to Be Done
02/26/2019 Illegal Immigration Benjamin
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President Trump is fighting a lonely battle against the specter of illegal immigration. The Democrats, the entire left-liberal ecosystem, and many of the establishment Republicans are against Trump’s proper and rational immigration policies.

Undaunted and unfazed, the President is continuing to fight the good fight. Someone has to do what too many soft politicians have been unable or unwilling to do.

Illegal Immigration – What Happened Under the Previous Administrations

For decades, the country’s immigration policy was in a shambolic state. George Bush and Barack Obama, both of whom ruled the country for two consecutive terms, mouthed platitudes about border safety, but did not do anything to curb the menace of illegal immigration.

In fact, data shows that under the Bush administration, the total number of illegal immigrants in our country actually doubled from 6 million to 12 million. To think this happened on the watch of a Republican president is a matter of great shame!

Bush was owned by the business round table who want that cheap labor pool. Trump is on the right side of this coin.

Obama, for his part, did everything he could to change the demographics of our country while ISIS was shooting up gay people in Orlando night clubs and killing bureaucrats in San Bernardino.

From allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to cross into our borders to curtailing the powers of immigration authorities and preventing them from acting against illegal border crossing, his list of deliberate mistakes is too long to be reproduced here.

The Current Situation at the Border

Right now, our southern border looks like a war-torn country. Thousands of migrants are trying to enter the border and are being stopped by our brave agents.

Caravan after caravan of refugees are coming from Central America in search of jobs, food, and shelter (because America’s economy is now the envy of the world) – the burden of which will be borne by American taxpayers.

Detaining people who cross into our border is not a solution, because our immigration agents and medical staff at the border are overwhelmed due to sheer number of cases they have to deal with on a daily basis. The only viable solution is to build a wall, just like the President promised he would do.

Immigration = Cultural Invasion

Rush Limbaugh, one of the sanest voices in our country today, says that illegal immigration is no longer a matter of mere numbers, but a cultural and demographic issue.

Limbaugh says that the American culture and way of life are under attack by hordes of illegal aliens who are uneducated, do not speak the language, do not share our cultural values, and do not identify with ideals.

America needs skilled immigrants – not braindead people who have made the wrong decisions in life.

Time to Declare Emergency

The Democrats have made it clear that they want to replace US citizens with illegal aliens so that they could hold onto power forever. This is what is happening in California and is why that state has terrible quality of life numbers.

California now has one bankrupt city after another and leads the country in murders.

What we need to do right now is to follow a three-pronged strategy.

  • Crack down on illegal aliens currently residing in the country and deport them to where they came from.
  • Reduce the number of legal immigrants who can come to our country so that they do not pose a threat to our workforce.
  • Build an impregnable wall (a stellar steel border will do) and make sure no one crosses into our border anymore.

They physical barrier is being built as we speak. Trump has already won this battle and continues to win. It’s not America’s fault Central America keeps putting Bernie Sanders type buffoons in charge.

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