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Trump’s SOTU Speech Was a Master Class in Realpolitik
02/14/2019 SOTU Speech Benjamin
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Last week, President Trump delivered what will go down in history as one of the greatest State of the Union speeches of all time.

In stark contrast to Obama’s self-congratulatory speeches in which he blamed everyone but himself for the failures of his administration, Trump’s speech focused on issues that are pertinent to the country’s progress and security.

Highlights of Trump’s SOTU Address

Illegal Immigration

President Trump stated in no uncertain terms that he remains fiercely loyal to the people of America and his job is to secure the future of our next generation.

He said that the existing loopholes in our immigration laws have resulted in the proliferation of illegal aliens as well as dreaded criminals like MS-13 gangsters.

The President also categorically stated that a smart steel barrier along the southern border is the only way to protect our country from the perils of a refugee invasion. Democrats wanted this built three years ago – thanks Democrats for the initiative. Trump should have taken the money a year ago.

Paul Ryan is another self-serving American – not nearly as despicable as Nancy Pelosi but a disappointing human being like John McCain.


President Trump lamented the fact that the previous administrations had allowed our country to be ripped off by Canada, China, and many other countries in terms of trade.

He talked about the importance of passing the United States Reciprocal Trade Act, which will allow the federal government to impose retaliatory tariffs on any country which imposes unfair tariffs on products manufactured in the US.

Partisan Investigations

The President also took a dig at Robert Mueller and his gang of clowns who have been investigating the collusion between Trump and Russia, which is nothing more than a figment of their imagination.

Despite spending millions of taxpayer money, the investigating agencies have been unable to present any proof whatsoever to support their claims.

The President warned that such politically motivated investigations could have an adverse impact on the US economy, which is currently soaring to new heights.


Trump emphatically stated that he will not allow the poison of anti-Semitism to spread in the country. He also honored a couple of Holocaust survivors in his speech. It is a significant gesture, especially at a time when Islamists like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are spewing hatred against Israel and the Jewish people.

Denouncing Socialism

President Trump declared that the US was founded on the principles of liberty and independence and will always remain a free country.

He congratulated the people of Venezuela for fighting against the Maduro regime and pointed out under a socialist setup, Venezuela went from being one of the richest countries in South America to one of the poorest.

The message came as a slap in the face of socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who have been brainwashing youngsters in the country with Marxist claptrap like the Green New Deal which is dead on arrival.

Late-Term Abortion

President Trump chastised the Democrats for cheering the monstrosity called late-term abortion and sought the support of the Congress in passing legislation to prohibit the barbaric practice of ripping an infant from a mother’s womb and killing it mercilessly.

On the whole, President Trump’s speech was a master class in realpolitik. Unlike the Democrats who focus on social evils like abortion, transgender degeneracy, and feminism, he focused on real issues that matter to real people – economy, security, welfare of working class people, and illegal immigration.

It is precisely why he has managed to win over the common masses – a poll by CBS News says that Trump’s SOTU speech was positively rated by 76% of the viewers! 

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