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Covington Catholic School Controversy – How Innocent School Boys Were Maligned by The Media
02/14/2019 Catholic School Controversy Benjamin
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It is well known that the left-wing media in the US – rightly called fake news by our President – has lost all of its credibility.

Every day, they plant false stories, run smear campaigns against the President and the people who are associated with him, normalize sexual degeneracy, and actively work to undermine our country’s progress.

However, the Covington school story was a new low, even for the bottom-feeders in the leftist news channels and magazines.

The Smear Campaign by the Media

For nearly two weeks, news channels, newspapers, and magazines – in what appeared to be a coordinated effort – ran a nasty and vicious smear campaign against a group of students from Covington Catholic High School.

It was reported that a group of students confronted a Native American activist and chanted ‘build the wall’ right in his face and made fun of him (though if the Native American was intelligent he would want to build the wall as well). A short video clip was also played in which the students could be seen standing with a smile on their faces while being surrounded by far-left activists.

Journalists claimed that the students taunted Native American and black activists with racist chants and made disrespectful gestures when in reality the black activists were the ones who were belligerent, anti-American, anti-Christian, and hostile. The video went viral on Twitter and YouTube and far-left activists and Antifa terrorists were baying for the blood of the young boys.

Journalists openly called for violence and stated that the boys should be beaten up for what they did. Not one person bothered to find out what actually happened or listen to the other side of the story.

What Actually Happened

Last week, a new video was released by the advocate who is representing the young boys from Covington Catholic School. The video clearly shows that it was the Native American activist who confronted the boys, not the other way around.

The boys can be seen peacefully taking a march against abortion, at which point they are confronted by the Native American activist as well as a number of radical Black Hebrew Israelites.

The activists can be seen loudly chanting homosexual slurs and berating the boys with racist, anti-white taunts. In the midst of the savagery, the boys calmly stood their ground with a smile on their face. They did not even say anything.

Despite their exemplary behavior, the boys have been branded as racists by the entire mainstream media and their identities have been revealed on public platforms, as a result of which the boys have become a target of violent, far-left psychopaths.

Lawsuit against the Media

The legal team which is representing the young boys has filed a defamation suit against a large number of celebrities, journalists, civil society leaders, news channels, and publishing houses for running a malicious smear campaign against the students and the school.

The list includes usual suspects like Jim Carrey (supported policies that helped cause 9-11 and the Orlando shooting), Alyssa Milano (job killer), Kathy Griffin (baby killer and a city killer), Bill Maher (supported policies that caused the real estate crisis), and S.E. Cupp as well as a number of organizations like HBO, Warner Media, The New York Times (supported policies that helped ISIS), The Washington Post, CNN, TMZ, NPR, The Atlantic, and many more. Make them pay.

They should not be in the country anyhow.

Let us hope that the young boys win the legal battle against their formidable enemies!

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