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Pelosi’s HR 1 Proposal is Designed to Destroy Free And Fair Elections in The US
02/05/2019 Nancy Pelosi Benjamin
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The US political system has faced many challenges from the far-left over the years.

From Saul Alinsky, whose far-left ideas influenced Obama, to Howard Zinn, whose lopsided retelling of US history radicalized generations of young Americans (who were too gullible to understand that Zinn was spitting out garbage and supporting policies that destroy the human spirit), there have been many individuals from the left who tried to disrupt the system and turn America into a socialist hellhole – see Baltimore, Chicago, most of LA and Miami and so on.

Following in their footsteps, Nancy Pelosi has come up with a bill that has the potential to destroy free and fair elections in the US.

The H.R. 1 Legislation

Pelosi, after taking inputs from a number of other Democrats, has come up with H.R. 1 bill, which has the capacity to undermine the country’s electoral system, if allowed to pass.

Let us now take a look at some of the contentious proposals from the bill.

  • Federally guaranteed voting rights to all convicted felons, which is a blatant move to increase the Democratic voter base. Hardened criminals and repeat offenders naturally lean left and are likely to vote for Democrats.
  • Granting rights to the Election Commission to track what voters say – a move which directly interferes with people’s first amendment rights.
  • Forcing individuals and businesses to register all their donations – irrespective of how small an amount it is – to political parties, charities, and nonprofit organizations. The bill also plans to make the record publicly available, which will make it easier for far-left activists to track down Republican donors and harass them.
  • Enforcing the preclearance process and giving the federal government enormous powers over state governments.

Under preclearance, state governments have to ask permission from the federal government even for trivial things like changing the working hours of an election office or changing a voting location. This could be used as a tool by Washington Democrats to interfere with the elections in states that are controlled by Republicans.

  • Preventing election observers from coordinating with election officials to identify voter fraud. Since Democrats are planning to let illegal aliens vote (and already do which is why California is a disgrace and a failed state), they are naturally against any systemic checks and balances that can prevent voter fraud.
  • Limiting the rights of state governments to cooperate with each other to find out fraudulent voters who are registered in more than one state. Again, voter fraud is the forte of Democrats, so it is not surprising that they want to encourage fraudulent behavior among their target voter base.

Basically, the bill is designed to destroy any semblance of fairness in US elections and make it easier for leftist thugs to continue their fraudulent behavior.

Nancy Pelosi – Embodiment of Anti-Americanism

People like Pelosi are Americans just by virtue of citizenship. They actually hate everything our country stands for, which is why they are actively trying to destroy it – by legal as well as illegal means.

This is why Pelosi is okay with millions of illegal aliens entering the country. It is also why she supports Hamas supporters like Ilhan Omar and crazy socialists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who never achieved anything in life.

The H.R. 1 bill needs to be defeated by right-thinking Americans. More than that, people like Pelosi need to be shown their place by patriotic citizens in the upcoming election.

Be it Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, or Bernie Sanders, we need to send a resounding message that anti-Americanism will not be tolerated by the people of this country.

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