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If Democrats Do Not Agree to a Deal, Trump Should Declare an Emergency And Build The Wall
02/05/2019 Border Wall Benjamin
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The longest government shutdown in US history has come to a close, but the country is still sharply divided on the border wall issue but would not be if the physical barrier opposers had the full truth.

On top of this, the very fact that all the top ranking Democrats wanted a physical barrier built a few years ago (they are on record saying this) and now they mysteriously don’t want more of it along the southern border undermines their credibility on this entire issue.

Republicans, along with millions of Americans, are in favor of building a border wall whereas Democrats, along with millions of illegal aliens and certain Americans that want cheap labor and the fact that Democrats want more dependents (more people they can hook on public assistance), are opposed to it.

If the current impasse continues even after the 15th of February, the only option left for President Trump is to declare a national emergency and build the wall.

The Treasonous Plan of Democrats

Right now, it is clear to everyone with a functioning brain that Democrats are trying to change the demographics of our country.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens were allowed to enter our country during the eight years of Obama administration and they have now been provided sanctuary in Democrat-run states like California (which is fine by us in Arizona!). Currently, the total number of illegal aliens in the country is estimated at 22 million.

Democrats like Kamala Harris openly say that they not only want amnesty for the DACA kids, whose numbers run into hundreds of thousands, but also for their parents.

If Democrats have their way, our entire country would be flooded with immigrants and refugees from Central America.

Just 10 months ago, the US gave $500 million to Jordan to improve the country’s border security, which includes a wall. Democrats did not raise any concerns at the time and they did not call the wall ‘immoral’. So other countries can protect their border with a wall and the US cannot?

Illegal Aliens = Democratic Voters