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How William Barr Should Bring Credibility Back to The FBI And Justice Department
01/18/2019 William Barr Benjamin
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Choosing former AG William Barr to once again serve as the Attorney General is an excellent move. Bill Barr is recognized as one of the most respected public servants and lawyers in the country.

Restoring Faith in the Rule of Law

The central mission of Barr and the Justice Department will be to strengthen President Trump’s efforts at restoring faith and respect for the rule of law for every American citizen – including the Democrats. The years of misuse of the rule of law under Democrats led to the Justice Department becoming a hopelessly compromised and weak institution.

Things should have changed quickly after Trump came to power, but the deep follies that began with the damaging actions of FBI Director James Comey has yet to be set right.

Director Comey, in the most bizarre rejection of the rule of law and procedure, grabbed the attorney general’s function when he unprofessionally and illegally absolved Hillary Clinton of the traitorous act of handling government email correspondence on her private laptop as the secretary of state.

If Barr had been the AG at that time, he might have fired Comey within 24 hours. Instead, Comey continued to cling to his post until the President decided to fire him nearly one year later.

Making the Justice Department a Credible Institution Again

One of the most important responsibilities of Barr as the attorney general will be to bring back the credibility of the Justice Department, which received a serious dent in the aftermath of the horrific Clinton email scandal.

The Justice Department must now replace the politically corrupt and biased decision making with a strong sense of national duty and honor, and reinforce the Department’s historic role of upholding blind justice for all.

The prosecution guidelines that were flouted in the Clinton scandal must be looked at all over again. Clinton aides who were granted immunity as a reward for making false statements – their testimonies must be revisited and the cases must be reopened.

The political favors that were brazenly granted to high profile private lawyers who were cozy with the Justice Department officials under the Obama administration must be investigated with an unbiased lens.

The tarnished reputation and the injured morale of the honest sections of the Justice Department needs to be repaired, and it can only be done when accountability is brought to all those who openly violated the rules.

Keeping the Commitment

Attorney General nominee Barr has committed that upon confirmation, he will re-evaluate whether the FBI actions and investigations related to the elections in 2016 were influenced by political interests.

The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham, asked whether Barr is willing to “promise” that he would investigate all such claims, including the anti-Trump mobile text messages between former top officials of the FBI.

Barr responded with an unambiguous, “Yes.”

The country is now relying on William Barr to clean up the FBI and Justice Department, hold Hillary Clinton and others responsible for their national crimes, and restore the credibility of these august institutions.

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