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Top Reasons Why Chicago is a Failed City Run by Democrats
01/18/2019 Democrats Benjamin
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If you look at the failure of some of the major American cities, be it murder and crime rates, poverty, and insipid education system (because of teachers’ unions and political correctness), the common denominator which turns out is that they have been predominantly run by Democrats. Chicago is a glaring example of this trend.

National Leader in Crime and Murder

The renowned marketing firm Statista compiled data in 2016 about the murder rates in major American cities. Chicago ranked among the top cities in the list (incidentally, all the top cities in that “Hall of Shame” list are under the control of Democrats).

While the national average for murders is 5.3 per 100,000, in Chicago the figure is close to 50 per 100,000.

Chicago had its last GOP mayor in 1927. Things have only gone downhill in the country’s third biggest city, which now witnesses some of the worst incidents of inner-city violence on a daily basis. In 2016, over 2,300 people in Chicago were shot, and almost 400 were killed due to homicides. 

Lagging Economy, Grim Finances

While the national economy is doing great under Trump’s visionary economic policies, Chicago continues to lag behind. For the last several years, Chicago was so broke that its bonds have been reduced to junk status.

The city leaders keep going to the state capital with a begging bowl to receive bailout funds to pay the bills. Only about 60 percent of Chicago’s pension liability is funded at present. According to St. Louis Fed Reserve data, Chicago has been failing to gain economic ground post-recession, unlike other large metros.

Residents are abandoning the City

The population of the Chicago metro area began to stagnate a few years ago, and then started declining. While many metros are seeing population growth, Chicago is just one of the few large metro areas that are experiencing a drop in population.

From 2016 to 2017, Chicagoland saw its population dwindle by 13,000 people, as per Census figures. This was the third straight year of population decline recorded in the city.

Hub of Democratic Loot and Corruption

Democratic operatives and organizers have used Chicago as a hub to create a network of high ranking bureaucrats, judiciary, and union bosses to outsource their dubious efforts across the country. No wonder that Democrats in Illinois receive 85 percent of their power and wealth from Chicago through top donors.

In an attempt to use Chicago as the national Democratic center of strategic planning and operations, the city has been robbed. The game takes place something like this: labor unions push up their employment costs for businesses by raising entitlements.

Then these same unions use their Democratic Party connections to get bills passed that have siphoned off large amounts of money from the average Illinois taxpayer and union member into the treasury of the Democratic Party for financial and political support.

Until the nexus between the Democratic Party and the union bosses and organizations in Chicago is dismantled, millions of city’s taxpayers will continue to get robbed and deceived.

But hey, for the fools who live in that decrepit city where that excellent apropos Death Wish movie took place (for good reason) – keep voting Democrat! You deserve everything that you get.

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