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Republicans Aren’t The Party of The Rich. It’s The Democrats!
01/07/2019 politicians Benjamin
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We have seen the accusations thrown at the Republicans all the time.

Everyone – right from Democratic politicians to the media, academia, environmentalists, feminists, and the clueless Marx-reading liberals (who have ran the German, Greece, Italy, California, Baltimore, Chicago, New York economy into the ground!) – say that the Republicans are the party of the rich and the elite, whereas the Democrats represent the common man.

The truth, however, is the exact opposite.

The Democrats – Party of the Rich and the Elite

Despite the Democratic Party’s pretensions of supporting the working class, its top leaders are under the control of the richest and the most influential people in the country today. If you have any doubts, check out the data given below.

  • In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton spent nearly $800 million on her campaign, all of which was donated by her rich and powerful friends. Trump, on the other hand, spent less than $400 million, most of which came out of his own pocket.
  • 47% of people in the top 10% earning group voted for Hillary.
  • The richest and the most influential people in the fields of high technology, media, professional sports, television, movies, and academia are completely dominated by Democrat supporters and far-left ideologues, who throw their weight behind Democratic candidates in every election and donate generously to liberal causes. Everyone from LeBron James to Matt Damon to Bill Maher are all Democrats despite the cities they visit all being ran into the ground by socialist policies (Philadelphia, New York, LA, Chicago).
  • Many of the notable leaders in the Democratic establishment are extremely wealthy in their own right. The examples include J.B. Pritzker (Governor of Illinois with a net worth of $3.2 billion), Ned Lamont Jr. (Governor of Connecticut with a net worth of $300 million), and Jared Polis (Governor of Colorado with a net worth of $300 million).
  • Michael Bloomberg, who is expected to be one of the presidential candidates for the Democratic Party in 2020, has a net worth of $47 billion but he will have a hard time winning the nomination because the psychotic left who now run the Democrats will not support him. Bloomberg is all about himself – him and people like him called ISIS the JV team and have never supported the energy industry which has now made America an energy super power not just a military super power.

The Clintons – The Definition of Elitism

The current net worth of Bill and Hillary Clinton is close to $300 million (they ripped off Haiti and Columbia) and the number is rapidly increasing – thanks to the crappy books that Hillary keeps writing and the large number of institutions in the country that are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to listen to her boring, insipid speeches that no one shows up to listen to.

Data shows that when Hillary was the Secretary of State, her foundation used to receive $250 million a year on average in donations, all by vested interest groups which wanted something in return and she was happy to use her Sec. of State job as a pay for play mechanism.

For instance, a Chicago based commodities trader, who offered $100,000 in donation, was gifted a spot on the State Department’s arms control panel, even though he had no expertise or experience in the area.

The Elitism of the Democrats

The truth is that the Democrats are supported by the wealthiest people in the country. These are the people who oppose the wall, because they need illegal aliens for slave labor and because they want to hook them into the system so they can buy their votes. Real Americans have left the Democrats.

The working class people of the country, on the other hand, are firmly with the Republican Party – particularly with President Trump. Trump has devoted himself to law enforcement who wants to get the terrible people off our streets. Democrats puts these violent punks in our neighborhoods and one just killed a legal immigrant cop in Northern California at the end of 2018. This makes Democrats just as guilty as Gustavo Perez Arriaga who pulled the trigger. Democrats are cop killers and the mayor of Oakland – Libby Schaaf – tops that list.

They care more about politics than making America safe.

The best way to teach a lesson to the elitists in the Democratic Party is to make sure they never occupy the White House again. With all this job creation, unemployment at record lows, Europe collapsing, China struggling, America remains the beacon of hope for all the world to see. Good job Trump.

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