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The Great California Exodus – Why Businesses and Middle Class People Are Fleeing the Golden State?
01/07/2019 California Benjamin
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California is propped up to be one of the best states in the country by the liberal media despite its middle class being gutted and its public schools being decrepit. It is the ‘leader of the resistance’ but so what when every city in that state is bankrupt. It’s the largest economy in the country because of two giant sectors (tech and entertainment) while the rest of the state is crumbling.

On top of this, the Golden State is losing its best and the brightest – businesses are moving out of the state, the middle class is nonexistent, and low-income residents are fleeing the state by the thousands every year.

The Real Face of California

The data given below can help you understand the pathetic state California is in right now.

  • Between July 2016 and July 2017, more than 138,000 people moved out of California into low-cost states like Texas and Arizona.
  • The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is $2,249. The same apartment will only cost you $925 a month in Nevada and $945 a month in Phoenix.
  • California has a number of strict environment and zoning laws, which restrict the development of large-scale apartments for people in the low and middle income groups.
  • Over 66% of the families in California are on welfare – among the highest in the country. In Texas, just 6% of the families are on welfare.
  • California’s personal income tax rate is among the highest in the country, which makes it hard for middle income groups to make ends meet.
  • Californians pay more for gas compared to most other states, which means they also pay more towards utility bills, which adds to the burden of low-income households.

Population Replacement in California

Perhaps the most worrying statistic is that the people who are leaving California are in the age groups of 26-34 and 35-44, which are the prime ages for raising a family. While these people are moving to other states, the vacuum is being filled by illegal aliens who are swarming into the state by the hundreds of thousands every year.

Currently, there are more than 10 million immigrants in California, whose birthrate is higher than that of US citizens.

Essentially, the US population in California is being replaced with illegal aliens in broad daylight!

Businesses Moving Out of California

Businesses are also moving out of California due to the exorbitant tax rate, high living costs, and the lack of affordable housing for their employees.

Large corporations like Nissan, Occidental Petroleum, Carl’s Jr., Jamba Juice, Toyota, Nestle, Jacobs Engineering Group, and Numira Biosciences have either moved out of California or shifted their headquarters to other states.

A large number of small and mid-sized businesses have also moved out of the state citing the same reasons.

These businesses employ thousands of people and generate billions in revenue every year. By welcoming these businesses, states like Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Tennessee are able to provide excellent employment opportunities for the locals and offer them a higher standard of living.

California, on the other hand, is literally surviving on the taxes paid by the billionaires in Silicon Valley and other such places with elite zip codes as already insinuated.

Simply put, California is a giant refugee camp which is filled with illegal aliens, homeless people, drug addicts, sex workers, and LGBTQ freaks, which is forcing real Americans to move to other, saner places where they can earn an honest living and lead a happy life.

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