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The Government Shutdown Shows That Trump is Singlehandedly Fighting the Establishment
01/02/2019 Government Shutdown Benjamin
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Nearly two weeks into a partial government shutdown, Democrats in Congress refuse to give in to President Donald Trump's demand that $5 billion is allocated for the construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border before he signs any spending bill.

This is despite the fact that all these Democrats wanted a barrier built along the border years ago. Right Harry Reid!? They are on record supporting this but now they don’t want to support Trump because they don’t want to admit he was and is right.

Although the impasse is affecting up to 25 percent of the government, Democrats refuse to yield to President Trump's demand. The US leader has warned that the shutdown could "last for a very long time."

A One Man Fight

In December, Congress passed a measure to delay the government shutdown by two weeks. Many pundits were hoping that at the end of the period both parties would have worked out the issue to reach an agreement. However, this has not been the case.

Even some moderate, pathetic Republicans (like Jeff Flake whose last name fits his character admirably) appear to be willing to buckle under the pressure. Last week, the House attempted to pass a short-term spending bill that did not include any allocation for the wall. However, President Trump did not budge. A revised proposal, which allocated $5.7 billion for the wall, failed to pass the Senate.

While Congressional Democrats have scoffed at the idea of funding a border wall, Democrats in the Senate have said they are willing to support a $1.6 billion budget for the construction of a fence instead of a wall at the border.

The unbending position of Congressional Democrats appears to stem from the fact that they are set to have a majority in Congress when new delegates are sworn in this week. Despite this, President Trump remains unfazed. In his New Year message delivered via Twitter, the President called on the public to "calm down and enjoy the ride."

The border wall was one of Trump's key promises during his campaign, and he is bent on fulfilling his vision despite the setbacks. Trump should have done this a year ago but weak and misguided Republicans like Paul Ryan who are all about cheap labor and don’t care about how those policies hurt the rest of America in so many ways persuaded Trump not to actually insist on doing what is right.

There are more disadvantages to having a porous border for cheap labor reasons than advantages. Laws like that get Americans and American cops killed. America needs to have a humane and organized immigration process which is not the case now because the southern border remains wide open.

Let's Make a Deal

Despite what it may seem, President Trump isn't walking away from the negotiation table – he never left it. On Jan 1st, he Tweeted that he is willing to make a deal, noting that incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not want to start her tenure under the current circumstances.

But it doesn't look like Pelosi is willing to take the olive branch because she took off to Hawaii knowing the Secret Service agents protecting her were not getting paid but she was. She responded to his request with a Tweet saying the ongoing situation is an opportunity for Democrats to show how they will govern by formulating a plan to end the shutdown which is pathetic. She is on record supporting securing the border but just because Trump wants to do they don’t want to offer him the money to do so.

The Wrong Side of History and Logic

If the Democrats agreed to this common sense idea two years ago it would not even be a big deal now but now the Democrats have dug in their heals supporting a policy that is illogical.

It will be impossible for the majority Democrat House of bypass President Trump in any scheme to end the shutdown. Therefore, making a deal, as Trump has suggested, appears to be the best route.

Meanwhile, the ongoing government shutdown could turn out to be one of the longest in the country's history.

The record for the longest government shutdown occurred in 1995 under ex-President Bill Clinton. The shutdown, which stemmed from a deadlock with then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich over reducing government spending, lasted for 21 days. Newt was right then and the Democrats were wrong. It is too bad that Paul Ryan is not a big fan of reducing spending but that is another topic.

On the topic of walls – walls work. Just see Yuma, El Paso, China, Isreal, Ireland, and the walls being built all over Europe.

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