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Trump Is Right To Withdraw Our Troops From Syria
01/02/2019 Troops From Syria Benjamin
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President Donald Trump announcement in Dec. of 2018 that US troops would be withdrawn from Syria has sparked a raging debate in the country.

Many critics have latched onto the move to justify their wanton attacks of the president. However, if we look at it objectively, there is a lot of merit to the decision.

Wrong Start

From the onset, the US government never intended to maintain a presence in Syria. First, we offered rebels aid in light of the deplorable humanitarian situation that Islamic State (IS) militants left in the wake of their attacks. Remember – Obama called IS the JV team and allowed them to spread all over the world. This is because Obama was and is a Muslim sympathizer.

We know Obama was in a madrassa in Pakistan in the early 80s. What is up with that?

As the situation degenerated, in 2014 ex-President Barack Obama requested funding from Congress for US military personnel to train and arm Syrian rebels in neighboring countries. Fast forward to 2018, and an estimated 2,000 US military officers are stationed in Syria.

But Congress never had any say in the decision to send our troops to the destabilized country which uses WMD on its own people as 60 Minutes has showed us and Obama did nothing about. The punk Obama allowed Syria to cross the red line essentially making Obama the first president to be intimidated by a 3rd world country.

Trump used Air Power – Obama never Did

Nonetheless, because of Trump, the US government has played a part in defeating IS rebels. Thanks to airstrikes from our forces, the rebels have lost their grip on the northeastern part of Syria. This is a significant success. Although there are still pockets of fighters in the country, they do not pose a considerable threat.

While critics have said that removing US forces from the country risks erasing these military gains, ex-US Ambassador to Syria, Robert S. Ford, has indicated that the country will not cease its airstrikes on IS positions.

This means the government is not abandoning the war, President Trump is only removing American troops from the ground.

Withdrawal not Abandonment

Senator Lindsey Graham, who met with President Trump this past weekend, noted that the US leader remains committed to the vanquishing IS. He added that the plan to withdraw our troops from the country had been slowed down.

Part of the reason for not rushing the removal of US forces from the country is to figure out how to help Kurdish fighters, who have been US allies in the war against IS. Security experts have noted that without any US presence in the country, the Kurds would be at the mercy of both Turkey and IS.

Another point that critics have raised concerning the withdrawal of US forces from Syria is that we'd be giving up influence in the country to Russia and Iran. But, this was never one of our objectives in the first place and so what? Syria is not an important country.  

The US government was forced to intervene in the country to avert a major humanitarian crisis, and we have succeeded in doing that. Bashar al-Assad is a disgusting person who does not have the control of his own country. He’s a prisoner in his own partitioned country. Syria is not really a country anymore and this war torn country has no income. It is a non-functioning failed entity.

Iran and Russia will not be able to protect Bashar al-Assad when he dies. He is going to a dark place. Perhaps eventually Bashar al-Assad will be hung like Saddam or end up being torn apart like Muammar Al Gathafi by his own people.

The Bigger Picture

Since the 9/11 attack, the US government has been involved in different wars in the Middle East. This has cost the country billions of dollars and the lives of countless military personnel. Instead of letting Syria become another Afghanistan or Iraq with no end in sight, President Trump has chosen to make a bold and unpopular move.

Yes, the Russian foreign ministry and President Vladamir Putin have hailed President Trump's decision because it works in their favor. But we must focus on the bigger picture with the future in sight and not let our foreign policy degenerate into a competition.

America is being an energy powerhouse. We are now selling natural gas to Europe which worries Russia to no end. America is making the right moves under President Trump is the best President America has had in decades.

With America becoming an energy titan the Middle East does not matter to us as much as it used to. Though Iran will have to be dealt with sooner or later.

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