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Food Stamp Enrollment Declines by 3.5 Million Under Trump
12/20/2018 Food Stamp Benjamin
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Data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that the number of people on food stamps has reduced by over 3.5 million under the Trump administration.

When Trump assumed office in January of 2017, the total number of people on food stamps stood at 42,134,301. In September of 2018, the number had reduced to 38,577,141, which indicates that more and more people are benefitting from the employment opportunities that are being created as a result of a thriving economy.

It’s awesome to not live in France. That country is falling apart.

Reasons behind the Decline in Food Stamp Numbers

  • In March of 2018, the USDA appointed an integrity officer to weed out fraudulent claims and ensure that food and nutrition assistance is provided only to those who really need it. It was an important step which kicked out a large number of people who were mooching off the program despite not meeting the eligibility requirements. Those parasites should be put in prison.
  • In April 2018, President Trump issued an executive order which required the USDA to review and update its rules regarding the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) and invest in workforce development, in an effort to reduce people’s dependence on government programs.
  • Most importantly, the economy is growing at a brisk pace ever since Trump assumed office, as a result of which a large number of employment opportunities are being created in industries across the spectrum on a regular basis. The total number of unemployment claims currently stands at 203,000, which is the lowest it has ever been since 1969.

The US Economy’s Revival under Trump

The decline in the number of food stamp recipients is one of the many milestones that the Trump administration has managed to achieve in less than two years.

Factory job openings rate is currently at 4%, which is the highest it has ever been since 2000. US manufacturers are hiring people in record numbers, which flies in the face of the claims made by economists that the US-China trade war would hurt our manufacturing sector.

The poverty rate in the country has been on a steady decline every since Trump assumed office and currently stands at 12.3%. The average household income, on the other hand, has been increasing steadily and currently stands at $61,372. In 2017, the number of people in the country who work a full-time job increased by 2.4%.

All these figures indicate that Trump has accomplished what many people thought was impossible – reviving the country’s economy that was affected by ten years of bad policymaking. And we know Barney Frank was a huge contributor to that!

The Turnaround under Trump

During the Obama years, the US economy was devastated by the great recession. What is even worse is that Obama failed to take adequate measures to revive the economy after the recession – that nanny state promotor raised taxes for one! That did not work for FDR (extended The Great Depression) nor Obama! Studies show that the post-recession recovery under Obama was the worst since the Great Depression of 1929 – two socialists at work – Obama and FDR!

Moreover, economic growth during the Obama years was not uniform and inclusive, as it mostly benefited wealthy people who live in elite zip codes (you love that don’t you George Soros!?). Under Trump, rural people, who were left behind for a decade, have benefited immensely, as a result of which the overall poverty rate in the country has come down.

On the whole, the Trump administration has done a stellar job so far in terms of reviving the economy. Let us hope and pray that the President continues his good work!

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