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Why America Needs to Build a Wall on Mexico’s Southern Border
12/20/2018 Border Wall Benjamin
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If there is one burning issue in the country that needs to be addressed urgently, it is the pathetic state of our border security.

The US is getting overwhelmed by illegal immigrants who are pouring into our borders every single day and we still have not done the one thing that could prevent this from happening – building a wall.

America is capturing many of them and deporting many but not enough.

Border Crossings at an All-Time High

In November 2018, a total of 52,000 illegal immigrants entered our country by sneaking through the southern border. Experts say that the total number of border crossings in 2019 could be around 600,000 which makes the hotel industry and Wall Street happy but not America. Democrats like this too since they depend on the votes – real Americans don’t support Democrats anymore.  

How do we plan to run a government or maintain law and order after letting so many illegal aliens into our country?

President Trump has erred in not firing Kirstjen Nielsen, the DHS secretary whose incompetence has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. During the first year of Trump’s presidency, border crossings dropped significantly thanks to the tough measures taken by the government.

The bureaucrats who are supposed to follow the President’s orders, however, are slacking and not doing their job now, due to which our border has become porous again.

The Need for Two Walls

America needs to also build a wall for Mexico on its southern border.

Right now, a majority of illegal aliens who sneak through our southern border are not Mexican nationals, but Central American refugees who enter Mexico through its southern border which now Mexico realizes is not helping them out at all.

Even if we build a wall on our border, we might still have to deal with hordes of refugees and immigrants from Central America who will try to get into our country one way or the other. But probably not. If America has a glorious wall the message will be sent and the story about how illegals can use a ladder to get over the wall is just ridiculous if you think about actually trying to do that.  

So, another smart idea to this problem is to build a wall on Mexico’s southern border and prevent these refugees from entering Mexico in the first place.

Funding Mexico’s Border Wall

What we need to do right now is to build a wall along our southern border and urge Mexico to build a wall along their southern border. If need be, we can fully fund the wall on Mexican border, as it is a small price to pay compared to the billions of dollars we spend on illegal aliens on a yearly basis.

The Treachery of the Democrats

At a time of crisis, the Democrats have shown that they do not care about our country at all. Nancy Pelosi has stated that she is against building a wall, even if President Trump agrees to offer amnesty to DACA recipients.

Now, the only option left for Trump is to shut the government down until the Democrats get the message. So, shut it down Mr. President and do not give in until you receive the funding for the border wall and if you don’t – take it from the military’s budget because not protecting our southern border is ridiculous.

And Paul Ryan – you are a disgrace and we will miss you about as much as we will miss that bent nose clown Jeff Flake.

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