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Nancy Pelosi Promises to Pass Dream Act to Grant Amnesty to Millions of Illegal Immigrants
12/17/2018 Nancy Pelosi Benjamin
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It seems like Democrats cannot go a single day without spitting out garbage on the benefits of illegal immigration. Not surprising really – they need the votes. They now know that real Americans don’t vote for them.

A few days ago, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated that she is willing to pass the Dream Act, which is designed to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens (Reagan did this in his second term and later regretted it). She added that the goal of providing amnesty to illegal aliens is attainable, since the Democrats control the House now but they don’t control the senate the great President Trump will never sign it so Pelosi is living in dream world.

The Demand from the Hispanic Caucus

The anti- American Congressional Hispanic Caucus has asked Pelosi to take up the issue of illegal immigration and offer what they call a ‘pathway to natural citizenship’ to illegal aliens as well as refugees who have been offered temporary protected status. If these liberals cared about America they would change their tune because America does not anymore unskilled non English speaking people in this country.

The people in the Hispanic Caucus are the reason Latin America does not have one vibrant economy.  

Apart from this, the caucus has also requested Pelosi to retain chain migration so that illegal immigrants can bring their family members into the United States legally. They also want our country’s borders to be completely demilitarized so that illegal immigrants can simply walk in any time they want, instead of having to sneak through like they currently do.

They have to sneak through because too many illegitimate babies are born in Latin America and those countries continue to go down the socialist route which has proven to not work.

Basically, the Hispanic Caucus wants the US to turn into a giant refugee camp where illegal aliens from all over the world can congregate and sing kumbaya. 

The Democrat Support for Illegal Aliens

Pelosi, being the nanny state promoter that she is, has agreed to the demands of the Hispanic Caucus and thinks that our country could benefit immensely from granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Time and again, the Democrats have proved that they care more about illegal aliens, who form their core voter base, than our own people, whose forefathers built this country from the ground up. The Democrats want America to be another weak European vassal state.

The Ramifications of Illegal Alien Amnesty

  • The US is already suffocating with illegal immigrants, whose numbers are expected to be as high as 22 million. In states like California, the number of children born to illegal alien parents is actually larger than the number of children born to US citizens which is why California is being dragged into the abyss.
  • Data shows that over 60% of illegal aliens are on welfare – a criminal waste of taxpayer money!
  • Data from the housing market shows that in places where illegal aliens have been allowed to settle in large numbers, the standard and quality of living has come down drastically. Crime rate has increased, women and children no longer feel safe to spend time in public places, and neighborhoods which were once beautifully maintained have been turned into third-world dumpsters.
  • What is even more worrying is that there is no shortage of greedy employers in our country who are happy to hire these illegal aliens. Steady paying jobs which were once available to our blue-collar workers are now being taken away by these aliens, leaving some American families destitute and hopeless – though Trump’s amazing tax cuts have helped on this front.

Building the Wall – The Only Solution

The current immigration situation in the US is simply untenable in the long term. We are being replaced by other people and our own hard-earned money is being used for it.

We need to build the wall. Rewarding irresponsible behavior hurts humanity. We need to thwart the mitigation of allowing Latin America to send its problems to us.

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