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Why is The US Economy Doing Well While The EU is Struggling?
12/13/2018 Economy Benjamin
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The US economy is currently in high growth phase, while the EU seems to be struggling with Brexit, immigration issues, and slowing economies in Italy, Germany, France, and other European countries.

A closer look at the political landscapes in the US and Europe may reveal the reasons behind the economic resurgence of the US after a decade of dull growth under the Democrats and the EU’s gradual but persistent descent into economic chaos.

US Economy Rises under Trump

Ever since Trump took charge, the US economy has been on a steady ascent.

  • The GDP growth rate currently stands at 4.2% and has managed to exceed the expectations of economists on both ends of the political spectrum – certainly the left which is so fueled with hatred towards Trump nothing they say makes any sense.
  • The country’s unemployment rate has fallen to 3.7%, which is the lowest in nearly 50 years. In other words, millions of Americans now are working and not on Obama’s food stamps anymore.
  • The inflation rate currently stands at 2.5%, which is what the Federal Reserve calls the ‘target inflation rate’.
  • There has been a 2.9% increase in hourly wages in the past one year alone.
  • Job opening rate in the manufacturing sector climbed to 4%, which is the highest it has ever been since 2000.
  • Over 3.5 million people in the country have dropped off food stamps ever since Trump assumed office as just mentioned. This makes Obama and the Democrats sad since they want Americans hooked onto the system.

The Economic Crisis Looming in the EU

The GDP growth rate of the EU has been on a decline since the fourth quarter of 2017. Even in Germany, which is one of the pillars of the EU economy, the GDP growth rate has contracted in 2018.

The biggest problem for the EU, however, is Italy, which is so overburdened with debts that it could default at any time. The country is clearly too big to fail, but its debt burden is too large for the EU to bail out. Chicago and California are in serious debt too – this is what Democrats do the world over, crush economies.

Italy wants to borrow more, but the EU has placed caps on how much its members can borrow and spend. As a result, the country is threatening to go its own way – out of the ambit of the EU. Whatever – either way Italy is screwed. Who wants to lend those imbeciles money? Any country ran by socialists is asinine.  

The Political Landscape in the US and the EU

Trump has embraced a nationalist policy, which has revived the country’s economy whereas the EU is stuck in its old ways of centralism and globalism.

Trump is aware of the threat of unbridled immigration and is taking steps to contain it whereas the EU is willfully allowing millions of immigrants to pour into their countries. It has directly resulted in the rise of far-right parties and governments in Europe – particularly in Hungary and Italy.

What is ironical is that instead of learning from the US, the EU is busy lecturing the world about the benefits of globalism and multiculturalism, while the US continues on its path of global economic leadership.

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