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President Trump Made Pelosi And Schumer Look Stupid in The Border Wall Debate
12/13/2018 Border Wall Benjamin
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Sometimes all it takes is a face-to-face confrontation to reveal what someone is really made of.

The recent border wall debate has confirmed what many of us already knew – Trump is a lone voice of sanity amidst a sea of liberal cacophony. It also revealed the duplicitous nature of the Democrats, which really should not come as a surprise at this point, given their ludicrous track record.

The Subject of the Debate

The crux of the border wall debate was quite simple. Trump, just like millions of Americans, wants to build a wall to secure America’s southern border. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are opposed to it, as they think it is ‘wasteful spending’ and now they are on record telling everyone that they don’t really care about border security.

Woman getting raped on the border, families in terrible situation, total chaos, babies put at risk, oh well, let’s just not do anything about it. That is where these liberals are at.  

When President Trump said he needs $5 billion for the wall, Schumer said he was ready to provide only $1.6 billion. Both Schumer and Pelosi also stated that the country needs border security, but not a wall, since it does not serve any purpose.

A couple of questions need to be asked here.

  • If the Democrats agree that we need border security, why are they opposed to a wall? After all, it has been proven to be an effective way to curb illegal immigration in three countries – Israel, Egypt, and Spain, where there has been a dramatic drop in illegal immigration and cross-border terrorism ever since a border wall was built.
  • Without a wall, how do the Democrats plan to prevent thousands and thousands of immigrants and refugees from pouring into our borders? The mere presence of our security forces at the border has caused liberals to denounce the Trump administration as a fascist regime. So, what are we to do? Send the Red Cross to the border and request the immigrants to not sneak through the border illegally?

How Trump Played Schumer and Pelosi

Allowing the press to cover the debate proved to be a masterstroke by Trump, as it completely threw Pelosi and Schumer off their game.

All this time, they could say whatever they want as they knew that their friends at CNN and MSNBC will edit the video to make them look good anyway. It is precisely why Pelosi kept saying that the debate should take place behind closed doors.

While Trump was talking about taking concrete action, Schumer and Pelosi kept talking about passing a pointless bill, which reflected their bureaucratic way of thinking.

When Schumer refused to take any responsibility for the impending government shutdown, Trump openly declared that he is willing to take full responsibility for the shutdown, if that is what it takes to secure the funding for the border wall.

On top of this, Democrats used to be for real border security but now they have changed their tune because they need the votes – Democrats have found out that real Americans don’t vote for them anymore.

In short, Trump not only managed to win a two-on-one debate, but also managed to make Pelosi and Schumer look silly while doing so. Now, that’s called winning in style!

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