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White House Creates New Rules to Check CNN’s Belligerence, But More Needs to Be Done
12/03/2018 CNN Benjamin
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It is no secret that a majority of journalists in the country hate Trump because they are afflicted with political correctness and believe that bureaucrats in Washington should run everyone’s lives. Some of them, however, are so completely unhinged that they go into a state of frenzy every time they get a chance to speak to the President.

Jim Acosta, who works for the CNN, is one of them.

The Shameful Incident at the White House

Earlier this month, Jim Acosta got into a heated exchange with President Trump during a press conference. The President answered his questions and tried to move on to other journalists, but Acosta kept hogging the stage and asking questions.

At one point, his behavior became so obnoxious that a White House intern tried to take the microphone away from him. Acosta, being the characterless cretin that he is, not only refused to give up the microphone, but actually put his hands on the intern (who is a young woman by the way) and pushed her away.

Suspension of Acosta’s Press Pass

As a result of the incident, the White House decided to suspend Jim Acosta’s press room pass and revoke his security clearance. President Trump stated that people like Acosta are ‘bad for the country’ and that he is nothing but a grandstander who likes to shout and make a scene every time he does not get what he wants.

The Aftermath of the Incident

The left-liberal ecosystem predictably had a collective meltdown over the incident and called Trump an authoritarian. Even the Republican-friendly Fox News chose to side with CNN and requested the President to restore Acosta’s press pass – but not Sean Hannity. Hannity is one of the most honest commentators on the amazing Fox News channel.  

To avoid such problems in the future, the White House has created new rules and standards of conduct for the press.

Sarah Sanders pointed out that no other administration in history has had to deal with such a hostile press and that the new rules were created as a result of the despicable behavior from CNN’s selfish journalists who allowed ISIS to run around the world killing people and allowed Al Qaeda to do the same in the 90s leading to 9-11.

The rules include:

  • A journalist can only ask one question at a time.
  • A follow-up question might be allowed, but only at the discretion of the White House official handling the press conference or the President himself.
  • Journalists should surrender the microphone to the White House staff after asking a question.
  • If a journalist violates any of the aforementioned rules, their press pass can be suspended.

Think about this for a second – a bunch of highly educated adults need to be told how to behave in a public place. This is a new low – even for our journalists!

What Needs to Be Done

First of all, journalists need to be told in no uncertain terms that they do not have a God given right to ‘demand’ an answer from the President. It is entirely the prerogative of the President to answer or not answer a question.

He was not elected to the highest office in the country so that he can respond to the questions of obnoxious journalists. He was elected so that he can turn the economy around which he has done from the Frank/Greenspan recession and make the country safer for the citizens which he has because ISIS is no longer blowing us up and shooting us every other week.

If CNN or any other channel crosses the line again, the President should revoke their clearance for a month, depending on the situation. Or Sanders could just argue with Acosta until he voluntarily gives the microphone to someone else. The White House could pit the journalists against each other.

Let’s see how long Acosta really wants the microphone.

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