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California Continues to Lose Middle Class Citizens to Other Low Tax States
11/18/2018 California Low Tax Benjamin
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While a pleasant weather and pristine beaches might be enchanting for most Californians, they detest the high taxes and housing costs that they have been subjected to in the Golden State.

These twin financial issues are forcing residents to shift to other states such as Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

California Only Cares for the Rich and Lazy

Andrew Mason, a resident of the San Diego is among those who are considering moving to Las Vegas. He lives on a fixed income and believes that the weather in California is the best in the entire United States but so what when there are homeless people everywhere and the cost to buy a hamburger is artificially high because of the ridiculous MW policies.

Unskilled labor is not worth $15 an hour!

However, he bemoans the skyrocketing taxes and rents in the state. He says that Nevada doesn’t have any state income tax, which would help him have a more comfortable life.

California is Ran by Oligarchs

The 68 year old Mason who has been a resident of the state for decades believes that the gas prices and housing costs are considerably lower in Las Vegas. He blames the California government for not helping people like him, which has led to an exodus of middle class citizens from the so called Golden State.

Lower and Middle Income People are Leaving

A research by the firm Beacon Economics based on the data provided by US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey reveals that the exodus is happening among the lower and middle class citizens, and not those with higher incomes. It is too bad some of these people though leave to other states and continue to vote Democrat – real dumb!

A poll on the same subject was conducted by USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times last fall. The poll revealed that the citizens considered the high costs of living as the most important issue in the so called Golden State. The poll also revealed that a majority of Californians were in favor of repealing the new gas tax, which has raised the gas costs by 40%.

Jed Kolko, Chief Economist of Indeed.com, said that rising housing costs were contributing to accelerated rate of exodus of Californians to the other states.

Outbound Migration

Kolko points to the latest data provided by the US Census Bureau to prove that there was a net domestic emigration from California from July 2016 to July 2017.

In this one year period, California lost over 138,000 residents while states like Texas, Arizona, and Nevada, respectively, gained 79,000, 63,000, and 38,000 residents. And the people who remain in California are getting burned up by the fire and this time the fire is not coming from Sacramento.

Christopher Bishop, the President of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, confirms that relatively higher buying power of dollar in Southern Nevada as compared to Southern California has contributed to the trend of immigration in Nevada over the last 18 months or so.

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