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Jerry Brown Blames Climate Change For California Fires, But Data Suggests Otherwise
11/16/2018 California Fires Benjamin
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It seems the favorite pastime of California’s politicians is to blame climate change for everything happening around them.

Last Sunday, Jerry Brown claimed that climate change was responsible for the wild fires that have killed over 50 people in that broken and pitiful state and have devastated over 200,000 acres of land.

Brown’s Response to the Wild Fires in California

Currently, California is being ravaged by three massive wild fires – Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire, and Hill Fire. Collectively, these fires have caused the deaths of 59 people so far, destroyed thousands of structures, and burned hundreds of thousands of acres of land.

Job killing and ISIS loving California Gov. Jerry Brown has blamed the deaths and devastation squarely on climate change and has categorically stated that ‘climate change deniers’ are responsible for what is happening in California right now.

This is not the first time Brown has made such statements. In December 2017, when California was devastated by wild fires, he made the exact same statement and said that climate change is a ‘new reality’ which threatens people’s lives and property.

President Trump on California Fires

Trump has suggested that the fires in California are a result of over regulation, which has resulted in under-harvesting of the forests in the region. Therefore, there is more fuel available for wild fires.

Brown, however, has summarily dismissed the theory and stated that California is getting drier and warmer by the day due to global warming, which makes it vulnerable to such disasters.

The Possible Reasons for California Fires

California is known for its Mediterranean climate – very hot and dry summers, short and rainy winters, and long periods of drought. The climatic conditions make it prone to such natural disasters such as fires.

Moreover, California has close to 40 million people (many of whom are illegal aliens and criminals, by the way) and most parts of the state are prohibitively expensive. This has forced people to move to rural areas surrounded by dense forests, where even the slightest human error could result in a fire.

Despite the fact that there are several causes that could be attributed to wild fires, the irrational and terrorist creating Brown has repeatedly claimed that climate change is responsible for such natural disasters.

The rhetoric has reached such ridiculous proportions that even scientists and activists who believe in climate change say that Brown is guilty of what is called ‘noble cause corruption’ – the practice of distorting scientific facts to advocate for a noble cause.

The Problem with the Climate Change Rhetoric

Climate change activists have as much right to propagate their idea as do climate change deniers to propagate theirs. The problem, however, is that climate change activists want to make it a crime to deny the phenomenon.

Over the past few years, environmental activists have openly stated on many occasions that denying climate change should be made a punishable crime.

That they are able to say this without experiencing a severe backlash shows just how much the American public has been brainwashed. If we let these people decide things for us, they will make it a crime to oppose any of their ridiculous and crime creating viewpoints – from climate change to atheism, LGBTQ degeneracy, abortion, and open borders.

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