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Democrats Plan a Subpoena Cannon on Trump, But He is Ready For War
11/16/2018 Subpoena Cannon Benjamin
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So Democrats have managed to sneak their way to a victory and have taken control of the House – something that should have never happened.

But the midterm elections for the Democrats in 1994 and 2010 were far worse much to the dismay of criminals and terrorists. Republicans even gained some power in the Senate much to the delight of the middle class and the job market!

The bad news is that they now have subpoena powers, using which they will try to pester Trump any which way possible. The good news is that the President has stated that the subpoena attempts of Democrats will be met with a war-like response.

The Democrat Plan for a Subpoena Cannon

Democrats have apparently compiled a list of 85 Trump related cases and are preparing what they call a ‘subpoena cannon’ to be directed at the White House. The cases include Trump’s tax returns, his alleged involvement with porn star Stormy Daniels, his alleged business ties with Russia (who worked out deals with Hillary), the resignation of the pitiful and weak Jeff Sessions, and many more.

Nancy Pelosi has stated that her team will be focusing on Trump’s tax returns first, as it is ‘the easiest thing in the world’. They plan to slowly up the ante and fire off subpoenas one after another, in a blatant attempt to suffocate Trump in legal challenges and prevent him from doing what he does best – running a country and creating jobs.

Far left Democrats have also stated that if they have any success with the subpoena campaign, they will also move to impeach Trump, which has been the dream of every liberal (fake American) in the country since November 2016.

Trump’s Preemptive Warning

Trump, true to his nature, has welcomed the challenge with open arms. He says that he has offered an olive branch to Democrats to settle issues of national importance in a bipartisan manner.

In other words, he is asking his enemies to put their bloated egos aside and work for the country, something which liberals have never, ever done before.

Trump says there are two paths ahead. Democrats could take the easy route, work with the government, and come up with a plan for infrastructure development, healthcare, and border security. Or they could take the hard route and cling on to their subpoenas. In which case, Trump has promised a war-like response.

The President said that two can play the game and that he plays the game much better than Democrats can ever hope to.

What is Likely to Happen

Knowing Democrats, we can be sure of one thing. They will not put the nation’s interests before their own and work with the government. They will try to disrupt Trump’s work, launch a hundred pointless investigations, and impede the nation’s progress.

Trump, being the hardnosed businessman that he is, will retaliate by launching investigations of his own. And there is plenty of material available! From colluding with Russians to dig up dirt on Trump to leaking classified information, Democrats have done it all. And let us not even get started on Hillary Clinton, whose criminal past makes Al Capone looks like a saint in comparison.

Whatever happens, the President needs to show these lowly Democrats their place and should not cooperate with any of their investigations.

The Mueller investigation clearly shows that every investigative and security agency in the country is deeply compromised and biased against conservatives. Our collective appeal to President Trump is – fight the good fight and do not give them an inch!

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