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Deluded Hillary Throws Her Hat into 2020 Presidential Race; It Is Good News for Republicans!
11/05/2018 Hillary Clinton Benjamin
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In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton stated what she has been repeating endlessly since November 2016 – that she deserves to be the president of the country.

She deserves to be in prison. This woman lives in Harry Potter land. Your husband raped Juanita Broaddrick. Just another day for Bill!

If she has indeed thrown her hat into the 2020 presidential race, it is actually good news for Republicans for multiple reasons.

Hillary’s Shameful Record

Despite a humiliating defeat in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton still refuses to admit a simple, undeniable fact – nobody really likes her. Even the most ardent Democrat would admit that she is a liability.

Hillary’s shady past – from covering up the sexual crimes of her husband to the shady deals in Russia – is too big and too nasty to be ignored. Moreover, like Trump pointed out, she was a disaster as the Secretary of State. Under her watch, US officials got murdered and she refused to take any responsibility whatsoever.

Not one person was fired because of Benghazi! Ambassador Stevens and America – this is what happens when you vote cowards and immoral people! You get murdered and dragged through the streets.

Despite spending all her life as a politician and a powerful insider, Hillary has very little to show for it – no great achievements, no original thoughts, no notable moments, and an absolute lack of morals, scruples, and personal integrity. In short, she is a terrible politician and an even worse human being.

Hillary’s Defeat in 2016

The 2016 presidential election was rigged right from the beginning. Everyone – right from the media to public intellectuals, corporate leaders, establishment politicians, power brokers, and public unions supported Hillary and wanted her to win.

Hillary’s own team – being masters of subversion – used every trick in the book to make her opponents look bad. They used Bernie Sanders for a while and then threw the deluded old man under the bus.

They even colluded with Russia to probe into Donald Trump’s past and bring out any detail that could hurt his reputation. Despite the media hounding every action of his, he only became more popular with the public, much to the shock of Hillary’s team.

Hillary and her cohorts actually expected Trump to bend over and play nice – like McCain, Romney, and Bush did. Trump, however, turned the tables on them and attacked them like no one had ever done before. The American people, who were tired of watching the same old establishment faces, were happy to see an outsider like Trump sticking it to the enemy.

This resulted in a historic victory for Trump and a devastating loss for Hillary. Judging by the reactions of the liberal elite, no one even considered the possibility that Hillary could lose – that too to someone like Trump.

It has been two years now and Hillary still refuses to accept the fact that she got defeated fair and square by a better and smarter person. She is still clinging on to her presidential aspirations, making life difficult even for her own followers.

Hillary’s Delusions – Precursor to 2020 Election

The problem with Hillary is that she thinks that being the US president is her birthright. She has been a privileged insider all her life and it is eating her from the inside to see a complete outsider like Trump not only occupy the White House, but actually do a great job of turning the country around – economically as well as militarily.

If Hillary does plan to run against Trump in 2020, Republicans could not have asked for anything better. It will be glorious to watch Trump destroy her again on the grandest stage of them all!

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