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Trump’s Plan to End Birthright Citizenship is Brilliant and Should be Followed Through
11/05/2018 Birthright Citizenship Benjamin
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After decades of inaction and lethargy, the United States is finally doing what it should have done a long time ago – preparing to end the disastrous birthright citizenship policy.

If he succeeds in ending it, Trump will go down as perhaps the greatest US president of the last 50 years.

The Problems with Birthright Citizenship

The biggest problem with birthright citizenship is that it is not earned, but just given away. US citizenship must be earned by people who deserve it. Not by pitiful Central Americans who have babies they cannot afford just to attract some liberal politician who only cares about their vote.

It must mean something to those who have it. Instead, we have a system wherein anyone can sneak into our country illegally and deliver a baby, at which point the child becomes a citizen of the United States.

No other developed country in the world has such a ridiculous law which not only allows, but actively encourages people from all over the world to enter the country and have their children here, just so they could become citizens.

Today, the situation is so bad that the number of anchor babies born in the country is actually higher than the number of babies born to US citizens. If the current trends continue unabated, our country will be taken over by illegal aliens in the coming years.

The Role of Democrats and RINOs in Facilitating Anchor Babies

Democrats have always supported birthright citizenship, since every anchor baby born in the country is a future Democrat voter. RINOs, on the other hand, support it because they are weak, pathetic, and lack the conviction or guts to stand up for any principle and they want access to cheap labor – not responsible labor.

Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican woman; why would he condemn birthright citizenship? The majority of people who benefit from it are Mexican nationals!

For far too long, Republicans have caved in to the demands of Democrats on various issues that affect our country. Birthright citizenship, however, is where we should draw the line and say ‘no more’.

Ending Birthright Citizenship – Our Topmost Priority

For many years, we have been fooled into thinking that birthright citizenship cannot be repealed without a constitutional amendment. The truth is – it is not needed at all!

Trump’s legal team is now saying that it can be achieved with an executive order. If it is indeed true, it must be done on a priority basis. This is the single biggest issue that is threatening the long-term security and financial wellbeing of our country.

Birthright Citizenship – A Menace to Future Generations

Liberals support birthright citizenship for a simple reason. They hate the hard working class Americans who dare to stand on their own two feet and don’t want to be taken care of by some bureaucrat who really does not care about you at all – they just want to control you.

If they control your health care, then they control you.

They want every state in the country to become California – millions of illegal aliens, public places occupied by hobos and junkies, vast income inequality, and a thoroughly degenerate culture.

If birthright citizenship is not ended, the future of our country will be determined by people who have no connect to the socio-cultural norms that made this country into what it is today – the best country of all time. We must never allow it to happen!

Look how disgusting Los Angeles is – you have to be someone with very low standards who is OK living around that type of depravity. Raping babies, dogs, running over people with cars, and the list continues – that immoral city is not what most of this country wants for their families. 

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