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Despicable Attempt by Liberals to Blame The Synagogue Attack on Trump and Strip US Citizens of Their Gun Rights
10/30/2018 Synagogue Attack Benjamin
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The bodies are still warm after the deadly synagogue attack and liberals have already started their despicable efforts to pin the blame on Trump and his supporters.

There will always be evil in the world Democrats just like because of you most of LA and Chicago will remain violent and ghetto.

What is worse, they are also trying to push their usual gun control agenda in the background of the attack. It is a shame Jews are still Jews (Jesus was the son of God – deal with it!) but they have the right to be wrong. They are certainly not as far off as Mormons and no one is as pathetic as an atheist.

The Synagogue Attack and its Aftermath

Barely a few hours after a deranged anti-Semite killed 11 innocent people, liberals started playing their favorite game – blaming Trump for all the problems in the world. They stated that Trump made this attack possible by creating a toxic and hateful political environment.

Political commentators and journalists used the opportunity to push their agenda for the upcoming midterm elections without an iota of shame. They are all chanting in unison – Trump has got to go. What has to go is political correctness which is one of the main reasons hundreds of African Americans shoot each other every weekend.

With all this happening, could the brain-dead Hollywood degenerates be far behind? They too chimed in with their pearls of wisdom – Trump is responsible for the attack, he is a white nationalist (which is actually true which is why America is doing so well – liberals want minorities on food stamps), he hates Soros (Soros is evil and Soros is the reason Iran has more money now), which means he must hate Jews, he is against globalists, which means he is against Jews, and so on.

If you ever wondered why the NPC meme is so popular on the internet, this is the reason right here! None of these people are capable of having an original thought. They just repeat what is taught to them by the mainstream media and delude themselves into thinking that they are different from others.

The Push for Gun Control

And of course, there was the usual clamor for gun control! This has become a common trope now with liberals. Every time there is a terrorist attack on our soil, their first response is – this could have been avoided with strict gun control laws.

What these morons do not realize is that gun control laws disproportionately affect law-abiding citizens. Illegal guns are a dime a dozen and criminal elements always have access to them. The net result is that an honest, taxpaying, law-abiding citizen will be left defenseless against murderous, antisocial elements. Perhaps it’s what the liberals want!

Violence – A Weapon of Left Liberals

If anyone has the right to criticize political violence in this country, it is Trump and his supporters. In spite of the repeated verbal and physical attacks launched by left liberal terrorists, Trump supporters have shown extraordinary composure and patience.

If they had retaliated in the same manner, there would have been large-scale riots all over the country.

Make no mistake about it – the attack was made possible by liberals and their constant appeals to their support base for increased violence. Eric Holder said ‘when conservatives go low, we kick them’, Robert De Niro and Joe Biden said that they want to assault Trump, Maxine Waters called for conservatives to be bullied out of public places, and Hillary Clinton called for incivility in politics.

Simply put, liberals are trying to sow the seeds for a large-scale civil unrest in the country. They must never be elected to a public office ever again! Well unless it is LA or San Francisco – who cares about those two urine infested cities!?

Dodgers lost too – outstanding!

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