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The Migrant Caravans Are a National Security Threat And Should Be Treated As Such
10/30/2018 Migrant Caravans Benjamin
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I am sure by now all of you must have seen the video of a caravan full of migrants trying to enter the US border. While it looked like a scene from a zombie movie, it has real-life implications for our country.

Migrant Invasion – A National Security Threat

The migrants from Central America pose a serious threat to our national security. They need to fix their own country. Their problems are not our problems.  

We have no idea how many of them have criminal records, how many of them have serious mental disorders, how many of them are skilled enough to get a job here in the US, and how many of them are actually capable of integrating into our society.

Our cities are already filled with violent illegal aliens who commit crimes with impunity. The last thing we need is more of them from places we cannot even spot on a map!

Secondly, our economy is on a high note currently. After a decade of lull, more jobs are being created for working class Americans who got the short end of the stick during the Obama years.

If we let in thousands and thousands of illegal aliens and migrants into the country, they will be directly competing with our own citizens for blue-collar jobs. And there are plenty of greedy businessmen in the country who would gladly employ migrants just to increase their profit margin. The business round table and Wall Street in this regard and not helping out America at all.

Third, we have no idea what kind of diseases these people could bring into our country. Public health services are nonexistent in countries like Honduras, every one of these migrants needs to be treated like they are a serious threat to our safety. If they bring any exotic diseases into our country, for which our population is not inoculated against, it could lead to an outbreak.

Perhaps a bunch of LA and San Francisco liberals will die. But it cannot come to that, they need to be deported. Get the busses ready!

Economic Migrants, Not Asylum Seekers

Left liberals and mainstream media journalists have been trying to portray these migrants as asylum seekers.

However, the migrants themselves have admitted that they want to come to the US because of the employment opportunities, since they could not find any jobs in their countries. Poor people need to stop having babies. It is not America’s fault these countries cannot get it right.

The important thing we need to understand is that lack of employment opportunities is not an eligible claim for seeking asylum. Asylum is a privilege only meant for people who are escaping war-torn countries, countries with internal strife, sectarian violence, and religious persecution. But even then America can only take a few. America has enough unskilled people; America needs to close the door unless the immigrant has math, engineering, or tech skills.

These people, on the other hand, are coming to our country in search of jobs, which makes them economic migrants. We do not have to take them in at all.

After a decade of strife, Americans are finally getting the job opportunities they deserve. We cannot snatch it out of their hands and hand them over to migrants who have no business being in our country in the first place.

No Asylum – At Any Cost

President Trump has vowed to take stringent measures to make sure the migrant caravans do not enter the country.

He has ordered 5,000 troops to be deployed along the border, which is a good start. We need about 200 buses so they can be deported as well. We also have to impose strict economic sanctions on Central American countries that send thousands of their citizens into our country. This is not a migration, but an invasion. And we have to treat it as such!

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